Get Your Cranky Face Masks


We had several of you ask about Cranky face masks, and I’m happy to report we now have a face covering collection! You can see them all at

We have face masks for adults and kids along with a bandana and a scarf-kind-of-thing. Some are subtle:

Others are, well… not. This will probably be a favorite:

Is your favorite airline not a Biscoff kind of airline? Fear not. There are mask options for fans of United, Hawaiian (my personal favorite), and JetBlue as well.

See the entire collection at And if you have an idea for a mask, feel free to send it to us at We’ll be happy to make custom options as long as it doesn’t infringe on any copyrights.

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17 comments on “Get Your Cranky Face Masks

    1. Along with some phrase from the safety brief like “Adjust your own mask before helping others” or “Breathe normally and note that oxygen is flowing” or “Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate”

    2. Thomasp168 – I tried to do an oxygen mask, but it’s tough since the area I can use for the image is only in the central part of the masks. It doesn’t print to the edge so the straps would get cut off, so would the bag. It would look kind of arbitrary. Still think it’s worth doing?

      And Stormcrash – I probably don’t have the room to do the mask and the text, but if you like the text alone, I can make that. Let me know.

  1. “Breathe normally and know that oxygen is flowing, even if the **mask** does not inflate.”

    Might be a bit too much text to squeeze onto a relatively small mask, but that would be a fun thing to put on a mask, both as an air safety pun and as a reminder to the anti-masker people that breathing with a mask on is still possible.

      1. Brett,

        Thanks for being so responsive to the comments in this thread. I have worn surgical and disposable foam (the 3M-style disposable white round dust masks) masks since the pandemic started, not cloth masks, but I’m really tempted to buy a few, especially with a flight coming up in a few weeks.

        I could see the “breathe normally” masks getting a lot of compliments and smiles from FAs.

    1. Where’s that line from? A quick search didn’t turn up anything, but my Google-fu may be weak today.

  2. I looked at the Biscoff picture and was thinking “what about my stroopwafel and blue chips”. I was not disappointed.

  3. Just got mine in the mail.. ended up being too small by about a half inch on each side because the ear loops don’t stretch like standard medical masks.
    Heading to the crafts store later to grab some elastic for a little modification.

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