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It’s time for another Wednesday post. As you know, I don’t write on Wednesdays, but I’ve started to put some more internal news about new t-shirts, etc out there. In times like these, we need all the support we can get. I don’t expect to do this every week, but when there’s something to talk about, I will. On that note…

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Ever since we started Cranky Daily, our subscriber numbers have grown. At only $9 a month, it’s quite the bargain to get a rundown of the top 5 stories of the day along with links to other news of note and Andrew’s widely-appreciated moment of levity.

I haven’t talked about the Daily in a couple of months, but I think we’re hitting peak levels of snarkiness, so the time is right to talk about it once again. I hope you’ll consider subscribing.

The daily publishes every weeknight (excluding holidays), and I’ve opened up last night’s issue so even you non-subscribers can see it.

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If you like what you see, please do subscribe. In a time like this, we should be charging more than $9 a month for the jokes alone. But if you act now, we’ll throw in the actual, useful airline news for free!

New Airline Hub T-Shirts are Here

In separate news, people have been asking me for t-shirts that have all hubs for each airline on a single shirt. Done. Here you’ll find in both black and white, shirts that have the hubs for American, Delta, and United. You’ll also find a shirt that has the top cities for Southwest.

For example, here’s United.

Yes, I’m counting Guam, but possibly even more surprising is that I’m counting LAX. I thought about putting a big question mark over it, but nah. Maybe this will soon be vintage.

You can find the rest of the hub shirts here

I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post, as always.

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7 comments on “A Free Cranky Daily Preview + Airline Hub T-Shirts

  1. “For example, here’s United.”


    *As an Ohioan I am obligated to post this whenever I see “United” and “Hub” in the same article.

    1. ANCJason – I could do one, but I hadn’t. I guess ANC/PDX/SEA/SFO/LAX? Not sure where to draw the line there.

          1. Brett – just ordered one. I sent out an email to see if any coworkers were interested.

            Awesome product….thanks again.

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