Two Ways You Can Support Cranky: Cranky Daily and Merchandise


As the pandemic drags on, we at Cranky Flier and Cranky Concierge have been churning out ideas about ways to raise revenue until travel returns. We have plenty of ideas in the hopper, and some of them might actually be good. I’m taking this Wednesday to tell you about two of them — Cranky Daily and new Cranky Flier merchandise — with the hope that you’ll see fit to take advantage of one of these two offers.

Introducing Cranky Daily

Back in March, we rolled out the Cranky Coronavirus Daily Update. All it took was a minimum $25 contribution and we’d deliver the coronavirus news to you. With more than 250 subscribers this has done well, and we know there’s room to grow more. So I’m proud to announce the introduction of:

At the end of every workday, Monday through Friday, pour a stiff drink and get a quick rundown of the day’s news. You can expect:

  • Brief, witty rundowns of the top five stories of the day as picked by our crack editorial team/dartboard
  • Airline Potpourri with quick links to other stories we found interesting
  • Our famous Moment of Levity to help put a smile on your face

All this can be yours for a mere $9 per month. If you have questions, email us at Otherwise:

Go to to subscribe now

Cranky Flier T-Shirts and Mugs

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here. We have Cranky Flier t-shirts and mugs. But this isn’t just any ordinary merchandise with a plain old logo slapped on it.

If you’re feeling Cranky, you can show your love for the Cranky Jackass. If only we had the rights, I’d love to offer an airline-specific version of these, but you’ll just have to tape on your own decal.

Unisex Jersey T-Shirt by Bella + Canvas - white

Or if you’d rather something a little more pratical, you can help Japanese visitors avoid Godzilla with this handy map.

Unisex Jersey T-Shirt by Bella + Canvas - white

Or if you prefer mugs, we have them in both prints:

Place your order now

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. We’ll keep rolling out ideas. If you have any, email me at We’re game for nearly anything.

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21 comments on “Two Ways You Can Support Cranky: Cranky Daily and Merchandise

  1. Not sure how big of a seller it would be, but a mug or two highlighting airline(s) that Cranky and commenters on this blog love to hate (Alitalia, Aerolineas Argentinas, etc, and/or the Cranky Jackass award winners) might be fun.

    1. Sorry, just re-read the post and saw that you can’t offer airline specific versions of the Cranky Jackass items, due to concerns about intellectual property & trademark laws. Makes sense, not worth getting into a fight over, even if you could argue fair use / parody.

      1. Kilroy – Yep, I would love to do airline-branded ones, but I would also love to NOT pay the legal bills when they come to kill me for doing it!

  2. I can’t wait to wear my Tokyo t-shirt! This site clearly has the best graphics, and I wish there were more shirts from the Cranky team!

    1. Any chance for a color aside from white? Would love to buy a shirt but I tend to spell coffee on myself so white is less then ideal.

  3. How about shirts & mugs with airport layouts on them. The idea stemmed from a quiz you posted a few years ago.

      1. Love the Godzilla mug, Cranky! My wife and I lived in Japan for nine years, and had the pleasure (?) of using NRT and HND many times. Definitely keen.
        One question – it looks like the map mug has the map on both sides. Could you do something else on the other side, like an airport diagram for NRT or HND on the other side of the map? That way, I could order more mugs for avgeek friends who haven’t lived in Japan too, but just love airports :)

          1. Thanks! I’m keen to hear whatever else you think would be cool on the reverse of the mug, to provide variety across the two sides… mine is just one suggestion :)

      2. I would suggest your big international hubs (LHR, HND) and then maybe some domestic hubs. Then maybe some school fields like Perdue, ERAU and UND. And you could those products in school colors.

    1. Stephen – Good idea. Stickers/decals. So, the question is… if the Jackass was on a sticker, would you prefer it with or without and titles?

  4. I’d be interested in a T-shirt along the lines of, “Flying the in the era of COVID-19” (or similar caption; I’ll let you wordsmith it), with the logo of the pax, suitcase, airline employee with contactless thermometer, and security guy with facemask that you use in the image for the Cranky Daily Email Update (but obviously without the words “Crank Coronavirus Daily Update”).

    I just find that image to be a an amusing summary of travel these days.

    1. Second this, it’s a great little logo. Would love to see it used in merch, be it shirts, mugs, anything…

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