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Cranky on the Web: So Much Coronavirus, JetBlue at 20, Luving Southwest, Frommer Radio Show

Cranky on the Web, JetBlue, Southwest

Coronavirus airplane travel: How US airlines are cleaning planesToday Show
This wasn’t an on camera interview, but it was an in-depth look on the Today website at how airlines are cleaning airplanes. I know the common response is… how were they not already doing all this?

Coronavirus is upending air travel. Here’s how to navigate flight cancellations, changes during the outbreakFortune ($Subscription Required$)
More corona. Moving on…

Here’s looking at you, Blue: JetBlue looks to the next 20 yearsCNN Travel
On JetBlue’s 20th birthday, Chris Sloan wrote a long story about JetBlue’s history. It’s a good piece, and I’m glad he included my quote about being able to corner slots at JFK as being the real key to the airline’s early success.

Southwest Didn’t Have the 737 Max for Nine Months in 2019, but Still Boosted Its On-Time RankingsDallas Morning News
Why do people love Southwest? Well, you know, it’s the brand reputation that keeps on giving.

The Frommers Travel Show77 WABC New York
I met Pauline Frommer at Wendy Perrin’s Global Travel Summit, and she asked me to come on her show to talk about some of the trends I discussed in my speech. It’s only about 7 or 8 minutes starting around the 20:45 mark. I’ve set the embed below to start from that time period, but you might enjoy listening to the full show.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web: So Much Coronavirus, JetBlue at 20, Luving Southwest, Frommer Radio Show

  1. I wish when you post your videos you’d make them compatible with an iPhone or iPad. I always have to go to my computer to watch them. Love your columns, just want to watch your videos.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head about why people love Southwest. Its reputation for caring about customers, a somewhat fun flight experience and unique culture are all factors. But, to me, what makes Southwest stand out is that it generally runs a good operation and on-time flights, as the article alludes to. That’s a major reason I choose Southwest frequently is that the flights tend to be on time and when they push back from the gate, the plane starts moving quickly most of the time, rather than just sitting there for several minutes as is often the case with other airlines in my experience.

    1. I love Southwest because they make flying less stressful. A simple cancellation and luggage policy make all the difference for my travel. Not having to working about something coming up later on makes it so simple. I book a ticket and fly 90% of the time but if something comes up it’s not a big deal. I cancel with a few taps on my phone. Same with luggage. If I’ve got luggage I take it if not I don’t. No need to worry about complicated rules especially with the addition of basic economy these days. Southwest is similar to Uber. Simple almost effortless flying with a few taps.

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