Cranky on the Web: Some Friendly Advice, Coronavirus Service Cutbacks, If Your Flight Cancels

Cranky on the Web

Flight solutions from Cranky FlierTravel Weekly
When I was in New York last month, it was to speak at Wendy Perrin’s Global Travel Summit. You can read Travel Weekly’s summary of the talk here. Keep in mind, this was a session for destination specialists around the globe, so it was focused on their needs, not the consumer directly.

Some airlines cut back on inflight service to combat coronavirus. Will those changes stick?TPG
I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the coronavirus lately, unsurprisingly. In this one, I talked about some airlines’ efforts to change cabin services.

What to Do If Your Flight Gets CanceledMartha Stewart Living
The title says it all on this one. I gave some advice on what to do when things go wrong.

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