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The New Airport Congestion: Plane Spotters Crowd Fancy Hotel BarsThe Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required)
I know not everyone subscribes, but there was a piece that looked at the planespotting hobby in the WSJ, primarily focusing on the TWA Hotel’s recent decision to start charging people to access the pool deck. I was interviewed for the piece, and Cranky Dorkfest did get a mention as well as a photo.

Some might take issue with the tone of the article talking about how some planespotters are cheap (or actually, according to the sub-headline, “miserly”) . And with that I’ll remind everyone… Cranky Dorkfest is totally free! Heh.

Make your plans to be at the In-N-Out across from LAX on Saturday, September 7 from 11am to 1pm. We’ll talk shop, watch airplanes, and just generally have a good time, as always.

13 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Cranky Dorkfest in the WSJ

      1. Googling the headline does not work on my computer. Still goes to the pay wall.

        What date was this story in the hard copy paper ?

        My neighbor gets the actual paper.

        1. Peter – I don’t believe googling the headline works for the WSJ. I don’t know what date it was in the hard paper, however.

  1. Hey Cranky, it appears that Delta is finally pulling out of Narita: according to an internal memo and reports from other aviation sites, they’re leaving the Singapore market entirely while moving Manila flight to stop at Seoul instead. Are you planning to write an article on that soon?

      1. Brett — looking forward to the DL NRT exit post. Please make sure to include the requisite map with NRT, HND and Godzilla’s home! It’s always entertaining :)

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