Cranky on the Web: An Interview With Me

Have We Reached Peak Airline Complexity?
Here’s a wide-ranging interview I did with Kambr touching everything from my background to what’s new at Cranky Concierge… and of course, whether we’ve reached peak airline complexity.

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4 Responses to Cranky on the Web: An Interview With Me

  1. EC says:

    “Here’s what’s happening. These are the facts. That’s what we got.”

    Bless you. If I read another “Here’s what we know so far” article I may jump off a bridge.

  2. David SF eastbay says:

    Interesting read, and good to hear your business is doing well.

  3. Ian Littman says:

    I wouldn’t mind the just-a-seat international business class fare. Delta Two, anyone? ;)

    In all seriousness, the segmentation is definitely getting worse by the month. Both Spirit and Frontier now vary pricing on bags depending on…well, who knows what? But they no longer have a chart for bag fees that applies across a large swath of flights. Frontier at least threw a price increase into the mix with this, too; a carry-on is a whopping $40 each way AUS-DEN now.On a flight whose fare is nominally $35.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game, I guess.

  4. Kchristene says:

    EK has added basic business – no lounge access, limo transfers etc. I thought I heard BA is too, but I can’t find the details at the moment

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