3 Links I Love: American’s Near-Crash, Mexico City Costs Spike, Flower Duets For the Next 100 Years

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This week’s featured link:

American Airlines jet “nearly crashed” during takeoff at JFK last weekCBS News
In case you missed this, just… wow. That was quite the close call, and I’ll be really curious to hear whether the NTSB agrees that this was an uncommanded roll right on takeoff. If so, that’s bad news.

Image of the Week: Silver has painted a flying “Kazoo” to
celebrate Double-A baseball team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. It’s a good look, as long as they didn’t have to pay too much for it.

Two for the road:

Due to a 6.7-billion-peso hill, new airport records its first cost overrunMexico News Daily
I assume everyone is shocked by this, right? Yeah, right.

British Airways engineer re-imagines famous musical theme from Lakme for the airlines 100th yearAir101
Considering how much time I’ve spent on a phone hold with BA in my life, you’d think I hate this. But I don’t. It’s fun to listen to the changes during each era.

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3 comments on “3 Links I Love: American’s Near-Crash, Mexico City Costs Spike, Flower Duets For the Next 100 Years

  1. Having worked for mother BA for almost 39 years until retirement I still love any variation of the Flower Duet!

  2. In understanding the value that Alaska placed on Virgin America – don’t forget to take into account the value of their GATES. Additional airport real estate has great value for airline growth plans – especially in this tight market where additional gates take a long time to build and few are available. Gates are the waterfront real estate of infrastructure. Possibly the best ‘comparable’ is to consider the price that airlines pay for slots – in the rare times when they become available.

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