The Cranky Flier Interview: Janet Lamkin, United Airlines, President of California

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It’s a lofty title to be sure. Janet joined United in November 2017 to fill the first regional president position here on the West Coast. I assume this role was meant to project both internally and externally just how important California is to the airline. But what does that mean, and what does a President of California do?

I sat down with Janet on a chilly, gray day after attending the ground-breaking ceremony for the airline’s new TechOps building at LAX. You can listen to the 16 minute podcast below or by clicking here.

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10 comments on “The Cranky Flier Interview: Janet Lamkin, United Airlines, President of California

  1. Did Janet just say the Beaumont/Harrisburg bus service is coming to Oakland?! United buses! Or boats!

    Great interview, impressive performance for someone who’s only worked in airlines for a year or two.

  2. It’s not really outside the box thinking over very “creative” but the best way to serve East Bay customers is probably to serve OAK with actual airplane service

  3. I’d love to see a post or explanation going into a bit more detail on the tech ops hangars, what the process is for working on the planes, what work is done “locally” or internally, at places like this new tech ops hangar, what work (or which A/B/C/D checks) are outsourced or done elsewhere, how they organize and plan the work, etc.

    As someone who rarely gets out to the West Coast, I like how SFO (and OAK as well, I believe) have decent and fairly direct/quick rail connections to downtown. The other major city airports I can think of in the US that offer that are ORD and ATL; shame the taxi lobby has blocked that at the NYC airports.

    1. Add STL to your list. The Red Line makes a stop at Terminal E (all Southwest) and terminates at Terminal D. The return trip goes right through downtown STL and terminates in Illinois across the revier.

      1. that’s “across the river” not revier. My bad. BTW, Got Terminal designations wrong also. There is Terminal 1 & 2. Terminal 2 is all Concourse E gates (Southwest).
        Terminal 1 where the Red Line rail line ends has Concourses A, C & D. Concourse D is the former TWA International Concourse. Last I heard D is not in use except as a very long walk to/from C to E and vice vesa..

  4. Take a good hard look at Polaris service between International and Domestic. The level of service is shocking domestically compared to the wonderful experience when flying international. If the Polaris name is to truly mean something then the level of service should be consistent across the entire fleet.

  5. I’m with the other commenters, 3-4 daily OAK-LAX and OAK-DEN wouldn’t kill United and would really shore up their position amongst the East Bay crowd when connecting is otherwise required.

    1. Al – Right before the interview was an event on the ramp there for the new techops center groundbreaking. That area was blocked off and nobody was wearing safety gear.

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