Dorkfest is Only a Month Away on September 22


Just in case you needed a reminder, Dorkfest is coming in just over a month on September 22 from 11am to 1pm (though I can’t remember ever leaving that early). Be there or be square.

What is Dorkfest? That’s where you come to the In-N-Out burger right across the street from the northern runways at LAX (9149 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045), grab a burger, and then watch airplanes from the park across the street while talking shop with other dorks. This isn’t an organized event in any way. There is no program. Just show up, eat burgers, and watch the variety of heavy metal coming into LAX.

In previous years, some airlines have sent me models to give out to people who happen to be there. This year is getting an early start. British Airways sent over this beauty:

I’m told that other airlines may send something as well. Of course, you shouldn’t come for the models. Just come to eat, watch, and talk shop. If you need more of a reason, well, for shame. But NYCAviation will be having its LAX spotting event that same weekend. Keep an eye on NYCAviation’s Twitter account for more details about their plans.

Hope to see you with a burger in hand on September 22.

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11 comments on “Dorkfest is Only a Month Away on September 22

  1. Would it be crazy to take an early morning from Boston to attend this, then jump right back on a return after it is over? =)
    Least it gives me a chance to try Jetblue Mint.

    1. Jinxed – “Crazy” is in the eye of the beholder… and I’m pretty sure most people here wouldn’t call that crazy.

    2. It would only be crazy to have the opportunity and then pass it up, perhaps because you were worried about what someone else would consider “crazy. Be who YOU are, not someone you think others expect of you. And think of how much you’ll save on rental cars, hotels, etc. Not to mention how many burgers to go you can carry back with you for a late night snack in KBOS ;-)

      1. Honestly, I thought I was the one being crazy for trying to make that kind of itinerary.

        I had it in the back of my mind, but the date kind of snuck up on me after I’ve already taken a long trip earlier in the year… I mean, it sounds great heading out to LA for some planewatching and chatting, but there are a few other things I’d like to fit in, but it just isn’t working with only a weekend available.

        I will have to bow out of this year’s, but I will shoot for next year when I’ll have some more days off I can use.

  2. I already have my flight and room booked. And I will be bringing some old stuff to add to the giveaway pile. Including this gem:

    I already mentioned this on the NYC Aviation Facebook page for their event but if you are planning on hanging out at the Proud Bird that weekend be advised, the parking lot there has had break-ins. Back in June I and three other drivers had our windows smashed and cars broken into to get at the rear seat opening to the trunk. There was nothing in my rental to take (thank goodness) but other people lost some valuable stuff including laptops.

    So a word to the wise, don’t leave a thing in your car if you go to the Proud Bird.

  3. And this year, the free, but crowded Dulles Special Olympics-Virginia/FedEx Plane Pull, where you can see/tour lots of aircraft, even a mobile lounge, and snap pictures of all of the various European inbound heavies landing in front of you on 19C, isn’t the same day. It’s the 15th.

  4. So, about that burger. Last year I couldn’t manage to tear myself away from the park to go stand in line for a burger for fear of missing something good flying over. I didn’t wind up getting anything to eat until several of us relocated over to the Proud Bird. Shame to hear about the break ins in the parking lot there. :(

    1. You know there is this thing called FlightRadar24 that might make it easier to find the right time to go stand in line. :)

  5. Has anyone tried walking to the In N Out from the terminals? I’ll be arriving at Terminal 1 and would rather not call an Uber if not needed.

    1. Ktenorman – It can be done, and it’s easiest if you’re in Terminal 1 (Southwest). From there go on the arrivals level and keep walking toward the east. You will come to Sepulveda Blvd. Just cross Sepulveda and turn left so you’re walking north on the eastern side of the street. Keep walking until you see In-N-Out on the left.

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