Cranky Concierge is Hiring for Overnight and Weekend Concierges

Cranky Concierge

I haven’t written about it much, but Cranky Concierge has been growing a lot. We’re now up to 14 people on the team, but we need at least one or two more. Specifically, we need more people to help with nights and weekends.

That job has changed since I last posted about it. We now have teams, so instead of having to be available when a specific client is traveling, our concierges now work shifts. It makes it much easier for concierges to plan their lives, and the existing team has been really happy. But we need more help, so, if you’re interested, please keep reading.

You can find the full job description here. Read through the whole thing, and if you are interested in joining the team, you can send over your information as requested in the job description to

We’ve built a great group over here, and if you’re looking for a flexible way to earn some money while flexing your AvGeek skills, then this will be right up your alley.

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow…

4 comments on “Cranky Concierge is Hiring for Overnight and Weekend Concierges

  1. Glad to hear that your business continues to grow, Cranky.

    I’m not sure if this blog would be the best forum for it, but I’d be interested to hear some synopses of the most interesting / challenging / creative ways that Cranky Concierge has helped clients get to where they need to go when the original travel plans hit the fan.

    1. Kilroy – I did used to post those here on occasion, but the team now puts most of those stories on Facebook when we find something worth putting up there. I know not everyone is on FB (heck, I don’t post anything personal there), but it’s our best outlet for now.

      1. psh. Remember the Piper Navajo booking? :-D haha. I’m still surprised I convinced our client to take the flight… but hey, if you can’t get home, get close, right?

        I had a lot of fun working as a concierge on the side. 5 or 6 years I think? Some trips were much better than others, but whats interesting is people should understand what they pay for with CC. Its like an insurance policy, of sorts. I recall one client we had, I think I was monitoring his 20th or so trip, with nothing happening, then Dallas went to hell and we were able to rebook him while inflight. He was soo grateful and even commented “my boss was just asking me to justify using Cranky Concierge, and this just did it… when we landed in Dallas, there were no more seats to (wherever he was going) and they had a few other folks going to the same place as me who had to spend the night in Dallas…”

        I highly recommend working for CC to anyone who is ex-airline or travel agent. The folks we deal with are amazing – and on a sad note, very grateful for helping them because the airlines won’t (or don’t). The longer I was with CC, the more upset it made me as we saw airline customer service deteriorate over time.

        1. The Piper Navajo sounds like it would be a lot of fun to fly in as a commercial pax, provided everyone on board kept down their meals.

          I always prefer to search for flights for business trips on outside sites, as it’s easier for me to find flights and to get the stupid corporate travel sites to give me the flights I want when I set the parameters on them to be very specific. My personal “best” in that regard is managing to take an EAS flight (on SeaPort Air, I want to say) in an 8-pax Cessna Grand Caravan from DAL to Boone County, AR, with a stop in Little Rock (ultimate destination was NW Arkansas, about an our away by car). It wasn’t listed as an option on the corporate travel site, so I had to book it directly with the airline. My coworkers gave me a lot of crap over flying such a small plane, but it saved the company money, I had a lot of fun flying on such a small plane and looking directly over the pilots’ shoulders (no assigned seating, so I rushed to get the only seat in the front row), and the bean counters never questioned it. Would definitely do that again.

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