Cranky on the Web: New Ideas (Some Terrible) for Inflight Entertainment

Cranky on the Web

The future of in-flight entertainment may include gymsMarketwatch
Don’t let the title fool you. The future of inflight entertainment will NOT include gyms. But airlines are trying out some new things. My feelings on some of these gimmicks? Meh. I’m just happy with more customized content. The rest is just unnecessary.

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  1. I always wonder how to enjoy my sleep aloft when I need to walk every 15-30 minutes.   I’m waiting for some maven to tell me how to avoid a DVT and also sleep.  So, which is more important?

  2. Nothing on an airplane should involve disturbing other people. In-flight entertainment with headphones is fine, but nothing that would make everyone listen to one thing is a big no.

    No one moving around doing some form of exercise and disturbing others is a big no.

    A lot of people don’t even like chatty flight crew on the intercom every 5 minutes saying something.

  3. “Soon, you could have a gym at 35,000 feet. Silicon Valley company Transpose has joined with cycling company Peloton and Reebok, to create a mock airplane to envision what in-flight exercise could be in the future, featuring bikes, yoga mats and weight lifting equipment.“

    Right. What venture capitalist invested in Transpose?!

  4. Offtopic to the article, but Island Air of Hawaii died yesterday about a long illness. What do you think of that?

    1. MK03 – It was on the ropes for a long time. It has changed ownership and strategy too many times. It kept switching aircraft types too. In the end, even if it had a strategy, it never had enough time to actually implement it. But now it will be interesting to see who fills the void.
      It could be someone a lot more concerning for Hawaiian than little Island Air.

  5. “in which flight attendants trained as yoga instructors or fitness experts lead select passengers in onboard workouts.”
    Holy cow! I can’t even wrap my head around how that inflight training manual is going to be approved by FAA! #YCMTSU

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