Cranky on the Web: Southwest Shifts From the 737-300 to the MAX

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Max 8 a jumbo upgrade for Southwest AirlinesHouston Chronicle
The last week has been a huge change for Southwest. First it retired its final two-plus dozen 737-300s and then it started 737 MAX service two days later. The funny thing is that while this will reduce costs for Southwest and allow longer routes, it’s a relatively minor change for passengers. Sure the new 737 MAX is quieter and those old 737-300s were the last airplanes without wifi in the fleet, but most Southwest passengers won’t know the difference between a 737-800 and a 737 MAX 8.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Southwest Shifts From the 737-300 to the MAX

  1. Can’t wait for the 737 to die; so unbelievably uncomfortable (regardless of how successful it’s been).

    The 787, though – that’s a beautiful aeroplane.

    1. It’s certainly been stretched beyond its design, but it’s still viable for some roles. I do believe it has to climb to a certain altitude, burn of fuel, and only then rise to cruise. To top it off, seats are an inch narrower than the A320 family (although I’m too lanky to mind).
      I would’ve much preferred if Y-1 would’ve been an actual clean sheet design, but the MAX is not fatal for customers. The savvy flier can often avoid it in favor of the A320, 757, or (best of all) the occasional widebody.

      1. “The savvy flier can often avoid it in favor of the A320, 757, or (best of all) the occasional widebody.” ….which is what I try to do. (I’m always amused by the evangelical Boeing lobby that reads Brett’s posts, btw). I’m hoping for a reason to try the C Series sometime soon (before #45’s minnions bankrupt Bombardier for good).

    2. Narrow seats in coach on most airlines – not sure what’s beautiful about the 787. I am actively avoiding it.

      1. I’ve found the Y cabin on United’s 789’s to be extremely comfortable, Oliver – yes, they have the new seats which are probably similar/identical to those on the 737 MAX, but infinitely more comfortable. Polaris in them was very nice, too. And, just for good measure, the new 773’s are also very nice in the back.

  2. How about power outlets? It is the only truly annoying thing about Southwest. If Southwest is going to push longer on the Max-8 they really need to address this. I’m tired of having to make sure I have my backup battery charged and another item to schlep.

    1. If you ever want to be a hero when you travel, bring a small power strip or plug in power adapter, one that converts a single outlet to 3. Runs about $5, and having one basically lets you commandeer any outlet in the airport by pulling it out and creating some additional outlets for yourself and others.

      It sucks to have to do that, and it’s not run to carry another item around, but it’s a simple fix if you have to rely on charging your devices in the airport.

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