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Dorkfest is One Month From Today


Today is the 23rd of August, and that means we’re a mere one month away from Dorkfest. I’ve done a ton of planning since I first posted the date. Oh wait, no I haven’t. There is no planning to be done. Just show up and watch airplanes.

It’s very simple. Show up at the In-N-Out Burger at the east end of the north runways at LAX (9149 S Sepulveda) between 11am and 1pm, and I’ll be there at the park across the street watching airplanes and eating a burger. I’ve heard from many of you that you’re coming, and I’m excited to see all you regulars again. I’ve even heard from a few first-timers as well, which is always great. There’s nothing quite like watching someone feel that first A380 fly over.

As always, if you have swag and want to give it away, bring it with you. I actually received a note from someone at Southwest saying the airline wanted to provide me with a model of a 737 to give away. I’m told it may even be a MAX. We’ll see about that whenever it shows up. If you’re at an airline and want to participate, go for it.

If you’re thinking this is too far to travel for just some unorganized event, you’re wrong. But you can always pair it with the NYC Aviation/PHX Spotters meet-up if that makes it better. Or, stick around into the next week and attend the APEX Expo in Long Beach to see what’s new in the passenger experience.

I hope you see you at In-N-Out on September 23.

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27 comments on “Dorkfest is One Month From Today

  1. Hi Brett,
    I am looking forward to join you at Dorkfest. I will be going from New York. This will be a first for me in many aspects. My first Dorkfest, first trip to LAX therefore to In-N-Out. I am very excited and looking forward to have a great time.
    See you then…

    1. I just had In-N-Out for the first time a couple of days ago as a new Flight Attendant (I’ve lived in Florida my whole life), it is DELICIOUS.

    2. I’m also coming from New York, as a day trip (JFK-PHX ticket with a 3.4 hour stopover in LAX on the return). With luck I will be there ~12:30 and head back to LAX by 2:00 or so. Looking forward to my first Dorkfest, but I will probably pass on In-N-Out as I find their burgers to be too much about the toppings and not enough about the meat.

    1. Awesome, I always wanted to try that strange little airline. I bet they get more passengers going from OAK to LAX than actual EAS passengers.

  2. I already have my flight and hotel. Airport Marriott again. Great views of the south runway from the top of the building. Think I’ll do Imperial Hill Friday night since I’ve never been to that spot before. And this year I plan on hitting both the KAL lounge and the Star Alliance lounge at Bradley.

  3. Any chance of one of these on a Sunday someday? I’d love to join, but the Jewish Sabbath intervenes!

    1. I suppose it’s possible we could switch dates sometime, but Saturday tends to work best for most, I’m afraid. I’ll announce it here if we ever do something on a different day though.

      1. And me too! I was just going to check holiday schedule when I saw the shabbos posting. We’ll have to hold out for 2 day event and bring food from Pico (mexikosher or jeff’s anyone?)

  4. Noon ish, Weds.
    Right now Southwest has a 9:20 am non stop from DEN to LAX for $ 42. one way, on Sat. 23 Sept. Arrives at 10:50 am, in time to amble over to the Dorkfest, and In-N-Out.

    I hope to make the event, and steal a box or two of peanuts from Southwest… en route…

    1. although I was born & raised in LA, I had to look at Streetview to see that it is indeed possible to *walk* into or out of LAX! ;-)

  5. Hey Brett!

    Thank you for the reminder. I snagged my ticket just now.. (finally!)

    If any other Seattle folks want to join me, you can email me at the link on my name.. Here are my flights:
    AS404 – Departs: 6:30 am, Arrives: 9:18 am
    VX1797 – Departs: 9:15 pm, Arrives: 11:57 pm

    Figured I mights as well try out the VX onboard product before it disappears..

    1. I am travelling with a couple of people coming down on the 5am flight from Seattle and another group of 3 or 4 coming down on the 6am flight as well (both Alaska).

  6. Is there anyway for us non-American/non-Californian readers to join in on the fun, even if not physically? I live across the pond, and while there’s a 13-hour non-stop flight from my country to LAX, I can’t exactly go there for logistical and practical reasons.

    Side question: Is In-N-Out good? We don’t have that here in Asia, and as far as I know it’s a US-only restaurant chain in the first place (no Canada either). While I’ve read good things about it, it’s hard to know if you’ve never actually tried it. I have been to the U.S. before, but that was more than a decade ago and I was a kid back then so I wasn’t into burgers at the time.

    1. MK03 – Hmm, I’m sure someone can flip on a live stream while we’re there.
      But honestly, it’s just not the same unless you’re there in person. (I’ve stared at a video of airplanes landing at St Maarten like all good dorks, but it just doesn’t work that well!)

      As for In-N-Out, I grew up on it and I love it. It’s a fast food burger, but it’s made fresh. And the sauce is great. If you compared it to McDonalds then you’d probably get 9 out of 10 people saying they like In-N-Out better, at least. But there have been a million new options in the last few years, some fast food, other gourmet. It’s probably not the best burger in the world (depending who you ask), but it is consistently excellent. It’s also quintessential Southern California.

    2. I would love to be there too but a 12 hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand precludes me. One day, maybe, if these dork feats continue for a while.

  7. BE ADVISED: Anyone wearing lip-balm to DorkFest will be disqualified from viewing the 2018 Winter Olympics.
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Norman Wherrett

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