Dorkfest is Coming on September 23

It’s June once again, and that means the time has come to announce the date for this year’s Dorkfest. As usual, it will be in September. This year, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 23.

For those who have never been, let me explain how simple this event is. Show up at the In-N-Out Burger right by LAX that day, grab some food, and watch airplanes from the park across the street. I’ll be there from 11am to 1pm ready to talk shop and watch airplanes and nothing more than that. There are no panels, no themes, no sponsors… it’s just an opportunity to hang out and watch airplanes.

For those who are coming from out of town and don’t work for an airline, keep in mind that Southwest’s big annual sale is on through tomorrow. A Saturday day trip might just be cheap enough to make this the year you come on out.

If you need another reason, NYCAviation and PHXSpotters have moved up their LAX event from October to this same weekend this year. So you can have one blissful, long weekend of spotting if you’d like.

I hope to see you all in September (though if you all come, we’re going to need a much bigger park…).

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20 Responses to Dorkfest is Coming on September 23

  1. A says:

    Hopefully this will be the year I can make my schedule align for a trip to LA that weekend.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I just grabbed tickets from OAK. I have never spent more than an hour at LAX. Its never been my destination. I have always flown to the other LA airports.

    • CF says:

      Jeremy – Well, then get ready for some great spotting. If you’re flying Southwest, you can walk it if you’re feeling like getting a little exercise!

      • ChuckMO says:

        I noticed The Parking Spot is right there….can you take the shuttle bus and tip the driver there and back or do they raise a stink?

        • CF says:

          ChuckMO – Well, they used to let you but now they don’t. That being said, if you join their free frequent parker club, then you can do it.

  3. Doug Swalen says:

    I should be there. This was last year…

  4. Andy says:

    I’ll be bringing some extra Delta MLK day pins to give out.

    • CF says:

      Thanks, Andy. People are all welcome to bring swag to trade or hand out. There are usually some kids there as well who really appreciate the stuff.

  5. eileenwood123 says:

    This dork will be there!

  6. I’m leaning pretty strongly toward going this year.. Although it’d also be cool if any Seattle Area dorks want to get the same flight down and maybe back?

    I’m currently looking at AS 406 and AS 491:
    7:00am, Sat Sep 23 • Seattle (SEA)
    9:48am, Sat Sep 23 • Los Angeles (LAX)

    7:55pm, Sat Sep 23 • Los Angeles (LAX)
    10:35pm, Sat Sep 23 • Seattle (SEA)

  7. Richard says:

    Maybe next year you can have it at Maho Beach with all travel arraigned by and compliments of Cranky Concierge!!

  8. Jose says:

    Hi! I will be in a conference in SEA. I am looking into NYC – LAX – SEA any suggestions as to how long a layover should be. I’ve never been to LAX. What would be the best option to go from LAX to IN-N-OUT. Thanks

    • CF says:

      If you’re looking to come to Dorkfest, you’ll need at least a three hour layover to be able to come over and comfortably have an hour at In-N-Out.
      The best way to get there is to sign up for the Parking Spot club program (free) and then take their shuttle to the Sepulveda lot.

  9. JuliaZ says:

    I am very tempted to to fly from Seattle with my 9 year old plane-crazy son…. we’ll see how the fares look on Alaska (can’t do Southwest, we’re both seriously allergic to peanuts).

  10. Janice says:

    YES! I am going to fly down from SFO I just would have come back from Asia so I might be jetlagged but I am sooo excited that I will actually be around.

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