Cranky on the Web: United Fined for Failing to Inspect 787 Even After FAA Told the Airline

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United slapped with fine for taking plane ‘not in airworthy condition’ on 23 flightsMarketWatch
You may have missed it, but the FAA proposed a hefty fine against United for flying an airplane that hadn’t been properly inspected after a repair was completed. I was asked about this and I pointed out that just because something isn’t airworthy doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. But I had more to say that wasn’t included in the article. “While it’s always a concern that United failed to follow the proper steps to put this aircraft back into service, the bigger concern to me is that even after the FAA alerted United to the issue, there were still 2 more flights conducted before the inspection was completed.”

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11 comments on “Cranky on the Web: United Fined for Failing to Inspect 787 Even After FAA Told the Airline

  1. GM knew that the ignition-key issue was killing drivers. McKesson knew it was violating the Controlled Substances Act. Why hold airlines up to a higher standard?

    1. It is just this kind of thing why we no longer fly on United. We were going to fly one of their 747’s to London this summer, but when I found out they we going to be phasing them out by the end of the year, I figured they would be letting maintenance slide wherever they could, in addition to keeping the cabins clean and all the seats working, so we are giving Virgin Atlantic a try.

      1. I just flew on United 747s from SFO to NRT and back in May. The equipment, cabins and seats were in immaculate condition. There were no maintenance issues on either flight.

        I will be glad to take your seats when I fly SFO to LHR on United this summer :)

        1. Nah, United had their chance with us. We have flown on them a lot over the last 8 years, but they have been steadily going down hill. That last CEO they had just about ran them into the ground. We pay good money to fly in the front of the plane, and the value just isn’t there any more for us with United.

        2. Just got off UA901 SFO to LHR – my worst experience in flying United of the past 17 years; economy on their 747 fleet is a truly barbaric experience.

          The outbound 787 flight to LA was, in contrast, blissful.

  2. So if I understand it right, maybe I am better off getting pulled off a United flight than staying in the plane.!!!!Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  3. Hefty fine? For a company the size of United, it’s a pittance.

    To put it to scale, it’s the equivalent of a fine of 45 cents to the average American (which makes $40,000 per year to United’s $37,000,000). Like anyone will find paying 50 cents in fines “hefty”.

  4. We used to be able to count on UA to have “safe planes” with regular maintenance schedules. I stopped using them when they service and seats got so terrible, but I felt badly because I want to support US carriers and I’ve flown a lot of miles with them over the past two decades. But this news makes me disinclined to fly United.

  5. Its cheaper to pay money out and not care about your wife ,son or daughter or father when there roasted from jet fuel because they aren’t making cash when the plane is setting in a hanger for $ 100.00 or less part more flying less routine Maintenance and they say thr hell with you

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