Cranky Concierge is Hiring Again

Cranky Concierge

I know, you weren’t expecting a post today, right? Well, Cranky Concierge logothis one is entirely for self-serving purposes. Cranky Concierge needs another Award Travel Architect, and as always, I like to post jobs here first. This is for 15 to 20 hours a week in the evenings (until 7:30pm PT) Monday through Friday. You’ll search for and book award travel, but you’ll also book paid tickets and help travelers when things go wrong.

We’ve completely revamped our job posting and application process. Since we’ve become much better at training, we no longer require extensive miles/points knowledge (though it does still help). To get full details, see the job posting here. Follow the instructions if you’d like to apply. It’ll stay open until November 30.

I’ll be back with a regular post tomorrow as usual.

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2 comments on “Cranky Concierge is Hiring Again

  1. What I thought was very interesting here is your training program. I would think there are many people who would be interested in this, either for their own travel, or to help with their business. Have you considered offering your training program as a class and charging for it?

    1. kcasper – I wouldn’t say it’s something that would be well-adapted to mass training. We spend a fair bit of time one-on-one. For us, it’s just that we have a better ability to train than before. Maybe it’s something we could think about down the line, but I don’t think anytime soon.

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