Broken Fingers are Not Good For Writing Posts


This was not the post I had planned for today. Unfortunately, it looks like writing is going to become a lot harder over the next four to six weeks thanks to this mutt.


Oh sure, she looks all sweet and innocent, but last week I was taking this pup for a walk when she saw another dog and took off, catching my finger in the leash. Now it’s broken.

I figured it wouldn’t be all that bad, but I was wrong. I went to the doctor today and now I’ve got this.

Broken Finger

And this is temporary. I’m going to have to have surgery on Thursday. I’m playing with voice recognition software to help make things easier, but I just couldn’t get anything together today. I hope to have something ready for you on Thursday. But we’ll see how all this goes.

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59 comments on “Broken Fingers are Not Good For Writing Posts

  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I am so sorry. My wife broke her ankle seven weeks ago and she and I sympathize with you and wish you a speedy and easy recovery.

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  2. I wish you a speedy recovery. And don’t be too hard on her. Your girl looks like she is very sorry. Jeff

    1. Same here. Itmay take a little while for everything to heal, but you will get there.

      For voice recognition software have you tried “Dragon Naturally Speaking”? I found it difficult to use since you need to keep your head perfectly still. If you are using it – some training videos on YouTube suggest buying a more powerful mike & not to use the one in the package.

  3. Well !… I don’t know which is worse : stealing your couch or chasing rabbits (well, dogs, but close enough). :-)
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, and … many more nice and pleasant uneventful walks around your neighbourhood !… Have fun !

  4. Sorry to hear this :-( Now it’s time for you to sit down & “Heal ” Take care & get rest.
    Thoughts & prayers are with you !

  5. Oh the fares, the fare codes, the fare rules those darn fingers must have originated over the years, but it took a dog to say, “Enough!”

    Get well soon!

  6. Sorry to hear this.   Sometimes we just have to kick back & take care of ourselves ! Time for you to Sit back & “Heal “…… Take care & God Bless, Dm Renninger

  7. Surgery??!! Dang, that pooch has got some power. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Guest posts while you are out??

  8. Best wishes for the surgery! Definitely try out the latest voice recognition software. People I know who use it say it’s really good these days.

  9. I hope the other dog was at least good looking!! I’m sure the surgery will go smoothly and you’ll be back in no time! Sending you lots of good kiwi wishes, Debbie

  10. I had a similar experience (different cause, same result). I ended up with a stainless steel external fixation (see attached photo) that grossed some people out but did allow me to type, which was a good thing because I was a tech-writer at Lotus at the time. Typing was awkward but doable, which was all that mattered. The fixation had Allen screws that had to be re-tightened every morning. My son, who was 13 at the time, took on that job and loved it.

  11. Cranky:

    Very sorry to hear of your mishap. However, have you considered trading your mutt in for a superior creature, a CAT? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about this sort of thing!

    Dogs = Dirty, Dumb, Dangerous!
    Cats = Clean, Courteous (mostly), and they Purr!


    Seriously, get well soon. Are you left-handed? If not, perhaps you can peck away with just your right hand? Anyway, best of luck with the surgery.

  12. That sucks! I hope your surgery goes as perfectly as possible and I wish you a speedy recovery. I’ve suffered several similar incidents with crazy dog leash pulls, but none as sever as you. Yikes!

  13. Let’s hope you have health insurence, which, as I understand, is quite a dirty word in your country… So vote for you-know-who, he will get rid of it.

  14. You may think you have a broken finger, but by the look of things your insurance company will be billed for severed hand hanging by a thread. Hope all goes well for you.

  15. I had the same dilemma years ago after surgery to my right hand. I tried the Dragon software, it worked OK, but there is a learning curve. It should work much better these days with better processors and more memory. Good luck. Remember not to do anything stupid with that hand after the stitches come out…trust me.

  16. I have broken five fingers (2 volleyball, 2 skateboarding, 1 crushed in door), but I’ve never had to have surgery and I’ve never had a bandage, or whatever that thing is, that big. Just dainty little metal splints. What in Sam Hill got broken?

  17. Cranky, by chance is it your thumb that’s broken? And do you have bennett’s fracture? Just went through the same thing 2 months ago. Not ideal for work, but Siri works very well for dictating emails, etc. And if you are a Mac user, the new OS has similar software to the iPhone and should allow you to dictate in Word & Mac email platform.

    And post surgery/cast removal. Ask for physical therapy right away. I waited 2 weeks, and pretty sure that affected my total recovery time.

  18. Wimp. Use the other nine fingers one at a time if you have to. Cmon CF, MAN up!! Seriously, tough break, (pun intended), but wishing you a speedy recovery.

  19. Sorry for your injury. Let us know how the voice recognition software goes. I keep thinking that, in 2016, I shouldn’t have to be on a keyboard typing out my words, but I’ve never had much success with voice recognition. That said, since I’m an even worse typist on a cell phone, I have started using Android’s voice recognition program for texts and it kinda works ok. I still believe that, sooner rather than later, we’re all going to “throw away” our keyboards.

  20. Cranky Flier | Broken Fingers are Not Good For Writing PostsCONGRATULATIONS!
    You have been selected to receive FREE (just pay S&H) the new BIONIC LEFT HAND Get cranky soon

  21. I can just imagine how tough it is in your other aspects of your life like your family. Having two small children is tough on both parents, but now one is injured and your wife has to help you do things that you needed two hands for. (Picking up your children to hug and kiss is the most important to me.)

    Good luck in your recovery.

  22. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

    1) Don’t worry I’m not too harsh on the dog. Look at that face.

    2) Yes she’s part Irish Setter. But she’s definitely mixed with something else. I’m pretty sure it’s a retriever of some sort since she lives and dies by the tennis ball.

    3) She steals the couch all the time. That’s her favorite spot.

    4) No guest posts planned for now though I’ve had plenty of offers. (Thanks everyone for that). But I find that editing guest posts can sometimes take longer than just writing a post myself. So I’m not going to do that right now.

    5) I’m writing this response with voice recognition software right now. So it seems to be working pretty well.

    6) Now that other dog was just a tiny little rat. Definitely not worth chasing after.

    7) There is no world where I would ever have a cat. I’m a dog person through and through and find cats completely useless.

    8) I’m not left handed. So that’s good news in general. But I still need all ten fingers to type quickly.

    9) Indeed I do have health insurance. But you know, that high deductible…

    10) I know I’m one of the rare ones that actually needs surgery for a broken finger. Apparently above the top knuckle the bone splintered. The tendon is attached to the splinter. So they need to go in and try and reattach the bone with pins so that it can heal together. It’s actually at a 90 degree angle kind of poking my skin right now. Yes I know it’s gross.

  23. More training is needed for the person walking the dog. After you are on the road to recovery (I believe its in Hawaii, past Hana), there is a proper way to grip the leash so that this doesn’t happen again. With only your thumb in the loop of at least a 6-10 ft and at least 2-3 ribbon folds in the same hand holding the leash, when the dog pulls in another direction you have more time to react as the leash is taken out from the bottom of your hand, and you can “correct” the dog’s motion. I’ve stopped 140 lb German Shepards doing it this way.

  24. LOL. Great advice for him. Just too little, too late! He will have stories forever, that will get better with time, on how the dog gave his a much needed rest.

  25. Sorry to hear. Hope you get to feeling better soon. We need your snark and avgeek insights, so take care of yourself.

  26. Ouch! That bitch really did it to you!!

    Has she even looked at you with puppy dog eyes and apologized?

    But get well soon, and do start physical therapy as soon as they’ll let you. It really does help!

  27. Sorry Mr Cranky  hope you recover soon from that mess!
    sincerely Mickeycurrently in UAE.

  28. I use Siri frequently when writing papers and long emails. I just dictate into an email (in long sentence chunks or medium paragraphs) then email it to myself for cleanup and editing. Works quite well except for obscure words. There is probably better software out there, but it’s served useful.

  29. Oh man. Your wrist could lock up. I just got a broken elbow on my dominant arm. Not good. Have to do Physical Therapy as much as possible. I was lucky that I saw a specialist within two weeks or my arm, including my wrist and shoulder, could have locked up permanently. I asked for some voice recognition software (about $255), but my law firm’s HR just gave me a Dictaphone with three tapes.

  30. Good tempered large dogs can be deceptively dangerous to walk since you totally let your guard down. I’ve been pulled down by my friendly German Shepherd who occasionally finds something to take a run at. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  31. Several decades ago I earned side money doing dog training. (Hint: it’s mostly owner training). Commands like sit, lie down, roll over are fun. But the three essentials are Stop, Stay and Give.

    Nowadays, YT has lots of examples for teaching those.

    Story: another favorite is “leave it” usually followed by OK (or give, at first). One orthodox Jewish family had me teach Traife/Kosher as an alternative.

    Hope you’re feeling better, soon.

  32. Dislocated and broke my shoulder walking a dog that wanted to chase a rabbit about 6 years ago. No matter your desire, your body won’t let you work. Just heal !

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