Cranky on the Web: Airlines Hiring Airline People

Cranky on the Web

Cranky on the Web

United’s New President Shows Why Airlines Hire Insiders as Senior ExecutivesSkift
Brian Sumers took at look at why airlines hire other airline people to fill their exec needs instead of going outside. United bringing Scott Kirby over to United was what appears to be the catalyst for the article, but I said look at United and you see two outsiders, one in the CEO position and the other as Chief Commercial Officer. Read the whole thing for more details.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Airlines Hiring Airline People

  1. Cranky, with everything going on re: changes in the management benches at the Big 3, would you say that this is an accurate ranking of functions at an airline starting from those that least require insider experience to those that most?:

    IT -> Brand/Loyalty -> Sales -> Finance -> Revenue Management -> Network Planning -> Operations

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