Cranky on the Web: More on Southwest’s Tech Failure

Cranky on the Web

Southwest still delaying, canceling flights after technology outageHouston Chronicle
As Southwest continues to struggle to pull itself together again after its technology outage this week, newspapers continue to report on the delays and cancellations that have piled up. I added my thoughts to this story in Houston.

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8 Responses to Cranky on the Web: More on Southwest’s Tech Failure

  1. Andrew says:

    Can’t read the story – I don’t subscribe to the Houston Cronicle.

  2. danielmeyers says:

    Please stop putting links to articles that one needs to pay to view … What’s the point of continually frustrating your readers? Appreciate your giving my post your consideration … Daniel

  3. RM says:

    Cranky’s quoted in the article, thus, it’s logical to link to it.

    You can easily view the entire article without paying by simply copying/pasting the article into Google/Google News, and then clicking on the very same news story at the top. That allows you to read the whole article. This works for the vast majority of news sites out there (i.e. WSJ, etc…).

    • Mark says:

      RM – worked great. Thanks!

      And I have no problem with Cranky posting stuff behind a paywall… there is other stuff to read.

      • danielmeyers says:

        Didn’t work for me, but glad it worked for you. Would have liked to have been able to read it … Oh well

  4. grichard says:

    I don’t object to his listing them on the blog, but I do wish he’d put a flag like “(paywall)” or “(subscription required)” so I don’t bother to click through and get frustrated.

  5. stewart.smith says:

    Why send us an email article that we cannot read unless we subscribe to the Houston Chronicle newspaper?

    Do you really think we are going to sign up for that just to read one update?

  6. Eric Morris says:

    I can see why most people are gullible enough to think Edward Snowden taught the terrorists to use encryption. They still complain about a great and free blog linking to a paywall article because they are technologically illiterate enough to fail to overcome the Houston Chronicle’s “strong” encryption!

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