3 Links I Love: CEO Edition (American, Delta, IAG, Aer Lingus, Frontier)

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It’s CEO week here on the links I love, so let’s get started.

This week’s featured link:
Airline Weekly podcast – Episode 38 (CEO Interview: Delta’s Bastian)Airline Weekly
At the media day I missed, Airline Weekly sat down with new Delta CEO Ed Bastian to go over a range of topics. One thing that I’ve seen highlighted was Ed’s explanation that the Korean relationship really soured after Delta and Northwest merged. Before that, Delta and Korean had little overlap. After, they became competitors and things started going south. At the Phoenix Symposium this week, Korean VP John Jackson refuted that saying “To say Delta taking over Northwest, taking a stake in China Eastern, and pursuing Skymark [etc] has caused problems with the relationship is not entirely true, we’ve been competing for a long time and we’ll continue to.”

Regardless, it’s a good interview and it’s worth hearing the new boss at Delta talk.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker interview with Richard Quest: CAPA Americas Summit (VIDEO)CAPA
I didn’t attend the CAPA Americas event this year, but they’ve put the video of their interview with American CEO Doug Parker up for all to see. Be warned: Richard Quest is the interviewer. (Some may actually like his style, but I know plenty who don’t.)

2016 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Aviation Symposium #PHX2016Twitter
As I mentioned above, the Phoenix Symposium was this week. Though there’s no video or audio posted from the conference, you can follow along with some of the tidbits on Twitter. The last panel was the CEO one starring Frontier, Aer Lingus, and British Airways CEOs, but there was plenty of good content before that, including on the panel I moderated about the customer.

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1 comment on “3 Links I Love: CEO Edition (American, Delta, IAG, Aer Lingus, Frontier)

  1. There has to be some small or larger shake-out (Cat Fight?) I just wonder how lomg the process will take. Delta has taken a large bite and I wonder how long it will take them to chew and swallow. It will be more than a few hours.

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