Cranky on the Web: Delta’s Problem Is It Doesn’t Have a Lot of Problems

Cranky on the Web, Delta

Cranky on the Web
Delta’s new CEO wants you to cut the TSA
Though the title on this article makes it sound like this is about TSA, it’s really not. This is an article looking more at the challenges Delta’s new CEO Ed Bastian has ahead of him. I remain convinced that the biggest job he has is to make sure Delta doesn’t get too cocky in the face of all its successes. As I said in the article, “Delta has a problem, and the problem is that it doesn’t have a lot of problems.”

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10 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Delta’s Problem Is It Doesn’t Have a Lot of Problems

  1. all airlines have some issues and DELTA is no exception…DL has the oldest fleet of the legacy airlines…Has an expired contract with the Pilots…has lost marketshare in both Latin america and asia(not counting skyteam members)

  2. I wish the headline was: “Delta’s new CEO wants to cut the TSA.” They did fight the good fight against the crony and evil Export-Import Bank of Boeing (founded in the 1930s, of all things, to feed the starving masses under the socialist paradise of the Soviet Union; how did crony socialism and the police state like Ex-Im and TSA, respectively, work out in the workers’ paradises?)

  3. Delta will one day go the way of PanAm who also wanted to control everything and be every where.

  4. Very true that all airlines have issues and Delta is no exception. I was booked to travel home over Christmas but ended up in the hospital for 7 days. I called DL before being rolled to surgery (no joke) as I wanted to cancel the seat as I knew it would be helpful to them. I got the rudest, unhelpful Res agent ever. Reported it but didn’t get any resolution until I wrote the DOT. No longer a DL fan. At all.

  5. As a Tokyo-based platinum flyer with Delta, I can say my biggest complaint is their ancient fleet of aircraft! Sure, they’re filling in holes here and there, but they need to get new long-haul products going pronto. Also, the business class product needs a complete overhaul as it’s at least 8 years old now. Also, they need to make the SkyTeam alliance work better for the customer. We need access to Korean Airlines without their stupid feuding.

  6. Honestly, I don’t have that much of a problem with Delta. It may very well be that they have the oldest planes of the legacy carriers, but as long as they are maintained, who cares? My experience with Delta was surprisingly good, given that my expectations of US carriers is extremely low. Perhaps its as W. Bush calls it “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.

  7. All airline travel sucks. For a major, Delta sucks least of all. I like their old fleet. It gives flavor to the monoculture air travel has diluted into. I fly Delta but it’s not like there is a lot of choice. From what I can see, their staff are by and large happy. The flights depart and arrive about when they say they will. For sure over American and United I would always purchase a Delta ticket.

  8. They came out with a new version of Fly Delta that like some of their previous versions was not tested thoroughly before they sent it out. I have been told (by Delta customer service agents) that it does not work on many phones. Their advise to me when i called asking for the previous version back was that I should take it off my phone and use their website. This does not help and it is virtually impossible to use the website with a phone. Very, Very poor quality control.

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