A Video Tour of the JetSuiteX Embraer 135 Interior


Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about JetSuiteX, an effort to run private-style operations at commercial-style fares. The launch was on Tuesday, and I was invited to Burbank Airport to check out the space and take a 30 minute joyride above Los Angeles. I did get on the airplane, but I never got off the ground. See, the airplane broke (a computer, actually), so it was very, very late getting to Burbank. By the time they were ready to fly, I was out of there.

For me, the most interesting piece wasn’t actually getting airborne anyway; it was seeing the interior of the aircraft and the ground operation. I put together a 2 minute video tour of the aircraft interior.

Yes, it definitely felt nice inside, and the legroom was great. The seats were fairly standard with just some nice cushioning. But the carpet. Oh, the carpet. So nice on the feet.

I’ll have to try it for real one of these days when I head up north. Right now the other end of the line is Concord, which is pretty close to Napa. And more routes and frequencies are coming soon.

On the ground, there’s work to do. I haven’t seen what it’s like in Concord but apparently that’s further along. In Burbank, they’re using an old abandoned hangar (Hangar 2, in fact) and there is only a small lounge area right now.

JetSuiteX Hangar 2 Burbank

They’re working on gutting a piece of the hangar, adding a check in area and vastly improving the lounge. It should make a big difference. But be warned, parking is valet-only and it’s $28 a day. Stick with Uber or Lyft. (I think parking in Concord is free.)

It’s definitely an interesting effort to find a neat little niche. Anyone thought about booking JetSuiteX yet?

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13 comments on “A Video Tour of the JetSuiteX Embraer 135 Interior

  1. I’ll book it for a Magic Mountain run, or a weekend in Vegas. CCR is actually pretty far for me, living in The City. The drive might be longer than the flight. But for the novelty alone is worth it.

  2. Thanks for the video tour Cranky!

    Those seats look just like the standard ones on the Express Jet fleet during the Continental days, or at least how I remember them looking. Those ones got pretty uncomfortable after a few hours in the air (I logged a lot of IAH-BOI on those those things). I bet the extra legroom helps a lot though, and I’m sure they are covered in better materials, although I’m pretty sure Express Jet used leather.

    I hope they succeed. I’d like to think there is a niche here to be filled, and it’s nice that some of those RJs have found new life.

  3. Ah, the standard Cranky uniform, jeans and brown shoes…..LOL :-)

    I liked the tray tables, you won’t see how dirty and sticky they will be.

    Did you ask why that have the dumb red stripe?

    1. The red stripe makes the plane go faster. The “X” in “JetSuiteX” has the same effect. Very important for speed.

      1. Good one, but it looks more like they took the right side of one plane and the left side of another and used red duct tape to hold them together…..LOL

  4. Their call sign on ATC control is RedStripe. As in, “Redstripe Embrarer, turn left at taxiway delta and follow the Speedbird 747”

  5. Where is Hangar 2 in Burbank? Neither their website nor the Burbank Airport ones give any help on that.

  6. Thanks, Cranky! Great tour, nice interior. I like carpets too. I kept looking for the overhead carryon bins but it appears there aren’t any. Is that true?

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