Cranky on the Web: Fare Increases, Cuba

Cranky on the Web, Fares

Cranky on the Web

Airlines have raised fares 3 times this year, but with little impactTravel Weekly
Airlines have increased fares a few times this year, and some people are angry about it. But this article mentions the important fact that a fare increase doesn’t necessarily mean that people are paying more in any given transaction.

United seeks Cuba service from IAHHouston Chronicle
Scheduled Cuba flights are coming, and I was asked my thoughts specifically about United and its Houston flight. I’m not expecting it to happen. But I’ll have more on Monday.

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6 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Fare Increases, Cuba

  1. Is anyone as surprised as I am that United requested far fewer flights? And more specifically, only asking for Saturday-only service from IAH (it’s largest Latin American gateway?

  2. The sub $100 walk ups have been fun to watch this week on the west coast. DL really is getting aggressive, and it’s spreading – kind of makes the structure increases less relevant.

  3. Sorry Brett I’m not going to sign up to be a digital subscriber to the Houston Chronicle to read what you said. But from what I already read online, every U.S. carrier applied for routes including AA which seems to think it should be the MIA-HAV shuttle airline.

    1. Just copy the headline, close the page, open google, and paste the headline in the search field. You will be able to read the article w/o being a subscriber.

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