Topic of the Week: Cranky Dorkfest Is on September 12


Summer is just beginning, and that means it’s time to start thinking about the annual Cranky Dorkfest in September. This year, we’ll do it on September Crankyspotting12 from 1030a to 130p. For new readers, let me explain how this works.

  1. If you live in Southern California, drive toward LAX. If not, get on airplane.
  2. Go to the In ‘n Out right next door. The Parking Spot has decided to be a punk and not allow people to take the shuttle over there anymore UNLESS you’re a member of their free club. Join here.
  3. Eat food and talk about airplanes.

That’s it. There is no fancy program. No world-renowned speakers. No guarantee of A-list industry celebrities. This is just a bunch of dorks sitting around, watching airplanes, and talking shop about the industry we love.

I hope to see you all there. Let me know if you have any questions.

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20 comments on “Topic of the Week: Cranky Dorkfest Is on September 12

  1. Hello, I will be in DC on Sept 12th. If you would really like me to attend the dorkfest, please reschedule it. If you are firm in your committed date, please have a great time. Understand my dissapoint in not being able to attend.


    1. Hrmm.. I was waiting for a marketing promotion of freebie flights… “See we support Seattle’s community by uniting airline and airplane geeks..”

      Well.. one can dream at least.

    2. I’ll be flying down from SEA again this year too. Unfortunately, fares went up about $40 this week. Hopefully they drop back down to the $160-170 range again.

  2. If 24R is closed would they direct traffic to 24L or down to 25? Wouldn’t be much to see if everything was going to 25 L&R.

    1. Probably 24L…I guess we’ll have to spend a little time looking at the approaches via FlightRadar24 to see how the traffic is shifting.

  3. hi Brett will there be any way to participate virtually   webex/facetime etc? please.   which terminal is the inNout next to?  Any recommendations for fly in from Bay area?  Thanks andcheers,your fan Paolo

    1. In ‘N Out is not near any terminal. It is on the edge outside the northeast corner of the Airport property. I am closest to Mineta airport but will probably opt to fly out of SFO on United. Not sure yet. Depends on whether I decide to fly in the night before and overnight outside the airport. I did the same day turnaround two years ago and I want to cut the hustle and hastle factor down this time.

    2. Paolol1 – There is no virtual participation because there’s not much to share. It’s all about just hanging around and watching airplanes over a burger. There’s no formal program or anything to stream. As Doug mentioned, In ‘n Out isn’t next to a terminal. You can join the Parking Spot club for free and take the shuttle to the Sepulveda location as mentioned.

  4. For those who aren’t familiar. The In-N-Out ( ) is northeast of the Central Terminal. If you don’t want to join the Parking Spot Club, you could always take the LAX Lot C Shuttle (its first stop after leaving the terminals is at the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot) and walk the 0.4 miles to In-N-Out.

  5. I live close to LAX, have it on down and will try to make it. Thanks for seeting this up..

    1. mp – There’s a bunch of street parking around. There’s also a parking lot at In ‘n Out but it fills up pretty quickly.

  6. Found a single-day turn from SFO for $125, catching the 0600 flight, so I’ll be there.
    Sounds like it should be easy enough to get there sans car, but I wouldn’t turn down a ride from somebody willing to swing by :)

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