Time for Vacation and a New Comment System


It’s vacation time! I’m off on an adventure starting today and I won’t be back until next weekend. Don’t worry, I worked to put together new posts for next week and they’re all scheduled to go at the usual times. You won’t even know I’m gone… unless you email me. You aren’t going to get a response until I get back.

In the meantime, go and play around with the new comment system I quietly installed last weekend. This should be good. When you go to leave a comment, it won’t require reloading the page when you submit anymore. The comment magically appears on the page. And if you have the page open, new comments will automatically load when they’re left. This is a beta, so I expect there might be a couple hiccups. If you see any problems, email me at cf@crankyflier.com.

Enjoy the next week. I’ll look forward to catching up on things when I get home.

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13 comments on “Time for Vacation and a New Comment System

  1. The new comments are formatted MUCH better on a phone than the old ones. No significant difference on a computer.

  2. I want to be the first to comment, on this post about comments. Enjoy your Leave. We all need to recharge and ‘unplug’

  3. On my Windows 8 Tablet, the comment text can get blocked underneath the green columns on the right side.

  4. The new comment system has an issue on a desktop display, or maybe its browser related. But the comments show under your right nav, which means you cannot read the comments. Hell, I cannot read what I am writing now either until it wraps back to the left.

  5. Confirmed. Desktop flows under the green on MacBook with Chrome. Not just comments but also input form for comments.

  6. Looks like I picked a good time to go on vacation, huh? I’ve upgraded the plugin to the most recent version, and I’m not seeing this overlapping issue anymore. Can anyone confirm if they’re still seeing it?

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