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In the Trenches: Thinking About Social Media AgainSmall Business Center
Once again I take a look at our social media strategies. For those who are interested, I did start an Instagram account, but there’s not much there yet.

I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web – Revisiting Social Media

  1. Are you finding yourself falling into the same social media trap as other companies? Businesses now a days think the entire world has smartphones, twitter, Facebook, etc when it isn’t true. How many business large and small think about all the people who aren’t on social media and how to get their business?

    While people may have computers, they still have flip phones or just land line phones, aren’t on any of the social media sites and (gasp) still get the daily newspaper delivered to their front door where they look at ads. They spend millions of dollars each year on things just like those on social media, but how many businesses work to get that money too?

    Do business even know how to attract customers anymore who aren’t on social media sites?

    1. David SF – No. We aren’t falling into that trap at all. But it’s silly
      not to have at least a basic social media presence since the only cost is
      the human cost to actually maintain them. It’s not much to just have a
      basic presence.

  2. Question to CF (or anyone who knows the answer) : Did the Brazilian government approve subsidized regional routes yet? I want TAM to expand. Also, along with that, does AZUL have any plans for further expansion. I hope not…


    Are there any airlines looking to join alliances now?

  3. Website, blog, partner site or even other methods, NO! I’ll do a blog or visit a website (or not) at my choice. Broadcast pages that I have not sought on my own, or those with special requirements: No thanks! Blog it or post it on a ‘regular website, and I will read. Bury it in Social action that I never see, what is the point? s most are never seen. I like most of your posts, but I refuse to play the personal games around ID, even if you do get a small fee. Thanks, but I will wait. The instant response us, NO! I was ready, but the directors and conductors were not. No Social Media Here, and most folks know it. -CG

    1. Cegarglen – I honestly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about here. (I’m not trying to be rude – honestly stumped.) Personal games? Get a fee? From what? There are a lot of people on Facebook or Twitter and I post things through there. If people have an account, they can see it and comment on it if they want to follow. There is nothing nefarious about this at all.

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