Cranky on the Web (May 5 – 9)


Spirit Is Tired of Travelers Not Knowing How Their Airline WorksConde Nast Daily Traveler
Spirit is rolling out a marketing campaign to teach people how the airline works. Probably a good idea.

In the Trenches: A Change of SceneryIntuit Small Business Blog
Last week I was in the Bay Area for a grad school reunion. That change of scenery was helpful for me to think about the business outside my usual environment.

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11 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 5 – 9)

  1. So…the problem isn’t that Spirit offers a cheap crappy product. The problem is that they need to educate customers to expect a cheap crappy product. As long as people expect an unpleasant experience where you get nickel and dimed to death it is all good.


      1. They need to set the expectations of their product all right. The expectations need to be to expect a lousy, crowded, squashed, uncomfortable flight, and to be charged right and left for ANYTHING more.

        Think about it. What they’re saying is that we sell a terrible product but as long as our customers know it’s a terrible product and don’t expect any more, we’re good.

        1. No, they’re saying we sell a bare bones product minimally viable product cheaply. E.g. we get you from point A to B. if you want more, pay more. (Either to us, or to another airline.)

          1. It’s not just barebones, it’s really unpleasant. “Cozy” seating?? Uhhh…no.

            Yes, they are managing expectations. You are not going to enjoy our product. You will hate it. And we are going to charge you all sorts of extras. But because we’re cheap it’s ok.

            1. Well.. people want the cheapest price. If I don’t want a bag checked, or use of the overhead, is that a problem that I don’t have to pay for it?

  2. If you need to put out videos so people know how you work, that just seems kind of sad for the company putting out the video.

  3. You all have failed to ask the really important question: Why isn’t Spirit making any ancillary revenue from in-flight Ben-Gay sales?

  4. I don’t understand all of this vitriol towards Spirit. The legroom isn’t really all that bad, but I’m thin and 5’11”. The fact that I don’t expect anything almost makes the flight more pleasant. I don’t have to to interact with flight attendants at all. I pay peanuts for a seat on a plane and a place to stow my backpack… what is there to not understand?

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