Cranky on the Web (April 7 – 11)

American, Frequent Flier Programs

American makes changes to its frequent flier programFt Worth Star-Telegram
I was asked to comment on American’s recent changes to the AAdvantage program. Of course, you guys know my view since I wrote about it on Thursday.

In the Trenches: Accepting AdvertisingIntuit Small Business Blog
Talking about whether to continue to accept ads on the blog.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 7 – 11)

  1. There’s advertising on the Cranky Flier Blog? Okay, I jest, but the advertising in this blog is really non-intrusive. I’d suggest not putting much effort into getting advertising, but at this point its incremental revenue to something you’re already doing. (And the question still is, is the blog really part of the business or is it still just a personal project that has gotten rolled in with it?)

    1. Nick – The blog is part of the business in the sense that it drives a lot of referrals to Cranky Concierge. It fits well into the business and I see great value in it.

  2. Question about your business. Could you be based anywhere in the country, and still be effective? Does it particularly matter that you are near LGB? Does it matter where your concierges live?

    1. tharanga – Yes, I and everyone in the company could be based anywhere in the world if we wanted. My concierges are based in places from Juneau AK to Washington DC.

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