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ONT - Ontario, Volaris

Volaris interested in joint marketing program at Ontario AirportInland Valley Daily Bulletin
Volaris is interested in its using Ontario’s joint marketing program, and I was asked to weigh in. I generally like these programs because both the airport and the airline need to be engaged for it to work.

In the Trenches: The Money vs. Time Tug-of-WarIntuit Small Business Blog
I’m always looking at ways to improve how we do things, but there’s always an issue of time and money. I actually like this tension.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (March 3 – 7)

  1. The joint marketing program at/by Ontario is certainly a great idea; I’m surprised that none of the existing carriers has yet taken advantage of it. Of course, the start-up, Volaris is a great candidate, but… Start-ups and wannabees come and go, almost weekly. If I had any contact with this program’s purse strings, before committing any real money, I’d want to see an airline with a complete operating certificate package and that has actually begun operations – as in flying revenue generating flights on some kind of regular schedule. That may already be a requirement, but if not, it should be. Supporting an advertising campaign for an ‘airline’ that is not yet flying is probably not the best use of public or semi-public funds.

    1. No Fly Zone – I’m assuming you know this, but just to clarify for others who might read the comment, Volaris is no wannabe. It’s one of the largest carriers in Mexico now, so it’s a good plan for them to use this since it’s opening a new gateway. I would assume that any wannabe airlines like People Express or Florida Jet Express would actually have to have the authority to fly before any money would change hands.

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