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  1. I’m sure collecting commissions can be hard since don’t some companies wait until after the person has used their service before paying the commission and not at the time of sale?

    Do you have some type of software to track what is owed?

    1. David – Yeah, airlines pay up front but everyone else pays after the service has been used so it’s a real pain. We just use a spreadsheet to track, and we focus on the biggest chunks. (A $0.80 rental car commission isn’t going to get a follow up.)

      Though many hotels are good, there are some awful ones who will make you chase it down. It’s a pretty bad way to do business, and we do steer people away from hotels like that. It’s not because we got stiffed but rather if a company is running its business that way, it’s not likely to be providing the level of service that it should be providing to our clients. (If they skimp on money there, they’ll skimp on money elsewhere.)

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