2013 Flying Summary


It’s for the year-end travel summary. This year saw a big jump in travel for me. I flew more more miles in 2013 than any year since 2005, the last time I actually worked for an airline. That’s definitely a surprise since my daughter was born in the middle of 2013 but the two European trips and one Asian trip certainly helped.

Miles: 52,763 (26,242 last year) – most since 2005
Segments: 27 (17 last year) – most since 2009
New Aircraft: ERJ-175
New Airlines: Korean, Jin Air, Compass
New Airports: Dublin, Seoul (Incheon and Gimpo), Jeju, Busan
Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-900, 757-200, 737-800, and A320 (4 flights each)
Most Common Airline: American (8 segments)
Most Common Airport: LAX (8 departures/8 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach – Phoenix (5 segments)

Here is my FlightMemory domestic travel map beginning when I started keeping track of flights in 1994:
FlightMemory Domestic

And here is the international map, which finally had a line drawn to Asia for the first time this year.
2013_12_31 flightmemoryintl

How’d you do?

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57 comments on “2013 Flying Summary

  1. Since I don’t fly for business my two trips this year were about average for me.

    STL-CLE: ExpressJet ERJ 487 miles. CLE-RIC: ExpressJet 362 miles. RIC-IAD: ExpressJet ERJ 100 miles. IAD-STL: GoJet CR7. Reason for trip: Visiting friends.

    STL-LAX: Southwest 73G 1592 miles. LAX-RNO: Southwest 73G 391 miles. RNO-LAS: Southwest 73G 345 miles. LAS-STL: Southwest 73G 1371 miles. Reason for trip: Get away from everyone and everything for a few days.

    No new airlines or aircraft types.
    Two new airports: CLE & RNO
    Total miles: 5344

  2. Miles: 6,422 (4,305last year)
    Segments: 6 (6 last year)
    New Aircraft: 738-800 new Boeing sky interior
    New Airlines: Virgin America, jetBlue
    New Airports: Long Beach, San Diego
    Most Common Aircraft: A320, 717, 737-800 (2 each)
    Most Common Airline: AirTran / American
    Most Common Airport: ORD, MKE, SFO (1 Depart/1 Arrival)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: all 1 each

  3. Miles – 27,386 (13,653 in 2012)
    Segements – 39 (29 in 2012)
    New Aircraft – ATR 42, ATR 72, Avro RJ 100, A346, B739, Fokker 70
    New Airlines – Frontier, Allegiant, Lufthansa, Blue Islands, British Airways, KLM, FlyBe, bmi Regional, EasyJet, Swiss, Air Berlin, Czech, Austrian
    New Airports – Midway, Trenton, Newark, Windsor ON, Hamilton ON, Myrtle Beach, Allentown, Munich, Krakow, Stansted, London-City, Jersey, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Manchester, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Belfast-City, Belfast-Int’l, Luton, Zurich, Basel, Berlin-SXF, Berlin-TXL, Dusseldorf, Prague, Vienna
    Most Common Aircraft – Q400 11 times
    Most Common Airline – Porter 9 times
    Most Common Airport – Toronto-City 6 times
    Most Common Route – YTZ-YOW twice
    Longest Flight – VIE-YYZ 4317 mi
    Shortest Flight – JER-LGW 160 mi

  4. Miles: 242,147 (most ever)
    Segments: 173
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: Finnair, Lufthansa, SAS, Virgin Australia
    New Airports: GSP (Greensboro, SC); DRW (Darwin, NT, Australia); DBV (Dubrovnik, Croatia); HEL (Helsinki, Finland); DUS (Dusseldorf, Germany); BDS (Brindisi, Italy)
    Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737 (47 segments)
    Most Common Airline: American (81 segments)
    Most Common Airport: DCA
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DCA-DFW (18 segments)

  5. SYR-MCO-SYR JetBlue A320 2162m
    YGK-YYZ-YYC Jazz/AirCanada B1900/A3211834m
    YYC-YYZ-YGK AirCanada/Jazz A320/B1900 1834m
    YGK-YYZ-YHZ Jazz/AirCanada B1900/B767 968m
    YHZ-YYZ-YGK AirCanada/Jazz B767/B1900 968m
    YGK-YYZ-LHR Jazz/AirCanada B1900/B777 3711m
    LHR-YYZ-YGK AirCanada/Jazz B777/B1900 3711

  6. Happy New Year, Cranky!

    Here’s my summary:

    Miles: 44,866 (43,063 last year) – most ever for me
    Segments: 23 (27 last year)
    New Aircraft: None, though I did fly on the new AA 777-300ER
    New Airlines: Air Tahiti Nui
    New Airports: AMS (Amsterdam, NL), MSY (New Orleans, LA), IAD (Dulles/DC, VA)
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800 & MD-80 (4 Segments Each) & 777-200 (14,825 mi)
    Most Common Airline: American (14 segments & 35,866 mi)
    Most Common Airport: LAX (6 departures/6 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LHR – LAX (4 segments & 21,768)

    This was the year when I flew first class for the first time on an AA 777-200 from ORD to LHR using miles. Was pretty amazing! Here’s to a good 2013!


  7. Miles: 26,189 (21,775 last year) Most since 2010
    Segments: 40 (34 last year)
    New Aircraft: 787-8 (United ORD-IAH, a definite highlight for the year!)
    No new airlines this year
    New Airports: Portland, ME (PWM), Tampa (TPA), Amarillo (AMA), San Antonio (SAT), Little Rock (LIT)
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (20 flights)
    Most Common Airline: Southwest (36 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PVD (7 departures/8 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Providence-Baltimore (7 segments)

    All in all a good year!

  8. 1 trip just completed 12/28. FLL-JFK-ICN-MNL-WNP, WNP-MNL-ICN-ATL-MIA. New Airlines: B6 and PAL Express; New Aircrafts: Q400(PAL Express), A380(Korean).
    Note: never fly to the Philippines during Christmas again. Traffic and airlines cannot handle the influx of people.

  9. Flights: 231
    Miles: 203,722
    Time: 460:42 (19.2 Days)
    Longest Flight (Distance): 6,628; ICN-DTW
    Longest Flight (Duration): 12:36; DTW-NGO
    Average Flight: 882 Miles, 2:00
    Airports: 52
    Airlines: 16
    Aircraft Types: 29
    Routes: 125
    Countries: 7
    Most Flown Airline: Delta Air Lines (142)
    Most Flown Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (41)
    Most Flown Route: ATL-DAY (32)
    New Airlines: Air China, ANA Wings, Endeavor Air, GoJet Airlines, J-Air, JetBlue Airways, Korean Air
    New Aircraft: Airbus A380-800, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 787-8

  10. Miles – 27,461
    Segements – 36 (plus one flight that diverted back to the departure airport after takeoff)
    New Aircraft – Embraer 170, Embraer 175
    New Airlines – Alaska
    New Airports – Lafayette (LFT), St. Thomas (STT), San Juan (SJU), Indianapolis (IND)
    Most Common Aircraft – Embraer ERJ-145 8 segments
    Most Common Airline – United (including Express) 19 segments (plus aforementioned diversion)
    Most Common O/D Airport – Burlington (BTV) 5 departures, 4 arrivals
    Most Common Transit Airport – Washington-Reagan (DCA) 5 connections
    Most Common Route – BTV-DCA (and vice-versa) 5 times
    Longest Flight (distance and duration) – BOS-SFO 2,700 mi / 6:12
    Shortest Flight (distance and duration) – STT-SJU 68 mi / 0:32

    1. David SF – You talking about my map? I did an Alaskan cruise a decade ago (only cruise I’ve ever taken) and we did a land excursion up to Prudhoe Bay before flying back. It was really awesome, and it’s where the original CF header image shot was taken.

  11. Miles: 24,839 (25,942 last year)
    Segments: 17 (38 last year)
    New Aircraft: A380, A330-200
    New Airlines: KLM, Air France
    New Airports: Dublin, MIA, MAN, AMS, CDG
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800 (7 flights)
    Most Common Airline: United (8 segments)
    Most Common Airport: IAD (10 Flights) first time it beat DCA

    Miles Split almost equal between star, Sky Team and One World

  12. I did not keep track in 2012. I did in 2013.

    Miles (per GCM) – 46,451
    Segments – 46
    New Aircraft – A380-800, B772ER
    New Airline – Air France
    New Airports – ABQ,BCN,CDG,PHL
    Most Common Aircraft – Tie CRJ and CR7 at 8 each.
    Most Common Airline – United. 21 including express.
    Most Common O/D Airport – LAX (13)
    Most Common Transit – SLC (4)
    Most Common Route – LAX-ABQ
    Longest Flight – LAX-CDG 5,670 miles
    Shortest Flight – DFW-IAH 224 miles (was going to ride the 787 in Feb. 2013, but that didn’t happen)

  13. PS – and a complete flip in airports this year:

    2012 saw 9 trips involving OAK, and 5 for SFO
    2013 gets 12 at SFO and only 4 at OAK.

    I guess traffic really is down at OAK… :-(

  14. Miles: 48,399
    New Aircraft: none
    New Airline: SAS
    New Airports: Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Oslo
    Most Common Airport: EWR
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: no repeats!

  15. Question about flight tracking… What does everyone use? I have used Openfights.org for a while, but it seems like everyone here is using flightmemory.com. How do they compare? Any others out there?

    1. I like Flight Memory for keeping a good database and list of aircraft flown but I like flightdiary.net for their map. It’s also nice to have two datebases in case one disappears.

    2. Flightdiary has a better map since you can zoom and move around. But it seems to be abandoned from the developer side; I reported missing airlines a year ago and they haven’t been added. OpenFlights has an awkward user interface. I’d also like something that let’s you dig around the data more.

  16. Miles: 20586 (last year: 30214)
    Segments: 8 (last year: 8)
    New Aircraft: Beechcraft 1900D
    New Airline: Silver Airways
    New Airports: Havre, Montana (HVR); Billings, Montana (BIL)
    Most Common Aircraft: 747-400 (2 combi, 1 passenger)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (3 segments)
    Most Common Airport: SLC (2 departures/2 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LAX–AMS (2 segments)

  17. Since moving to Boston from California and living on my own, I’ve done a bunch more flying than any previous year. Combined with a whirlwind round-the-world trip and two trips to Europe, I was able to manage a lot of new aircraft types, airlines, and airports.

    Miles: 84,131 (24,456 last year)
    Segments: 94 (30 last year)
    New Aircraft Types: A310-300, A321, A340-300, A340-600, 737-400, 737-500, 747-400, 777-300, 787-8, DC-9-50, Dornier 328JET, Fokker 50, Fokker 70, Saab 340, Saab 2000, BAe ATP, ATR 72, Jetstream 32, Metroliner, Convair 580, King Air A100, Shorts Skyvan, Cessna 402, Waco YMF-5, Britten-Norman Islander, Robinson R44, Bell 206 JetRanger, Grob G-103A Glider
    New Airlines: Penair, Cape Air, Air Canada Jazz, Nolinor Aviation, Propair, Bearskin Airlines, Porter, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Kabo Air, Malindo Air, Philippine AIrlines, AirTran, Corporate Flight Management, Ultimate Air Shuttle, PSA Airlines, Spirit, SATA International, Sun Country, Trans States, Norwegian, NextJet, Braathens Regional, airBaltic, Austrian, Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, CityJet, Air Malta, Lufthansa, Condor, Allegiant
    New Airports: Camarillo (CA), Salt Lake City, Sedona (AZ), Plattsburgh (NY), Lebanon (NH), Jacksonville, DeLand (FL), Melbourne (FL), Montreal-Mirabel, Rouyn-Noranda (QC), Earlton (ON), Timmins (ON), Toronto-City, Paris-CDG, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, Dhaka, Kuala-Lumpur, Manila, Charlotte, Chicago-Midway, Manistee (MI), Cincinnati-Lunken, Myrtle Beach, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Flagstaff, Cleveland, New York-LaGuardia, New York-JFK, Stockholm-Arlanda, Jonkoping (Sweden), Halmstad (Sweden), Stockholm-Bromma, Billund (Denmark), Riga, Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, Manchester (UK), London-Heathrow, London-City, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Phoenix-Mesa, Estrella Sailport (AZ)
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800 (11 segments)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (10 segments)
    Most Common Airport: BOS (13 dep/12 arr)
    Most Common Route: SDX-SDX (3 flights)

  18. Miles: 58,234 (28,856 last year)
    Segments: 47 (26 last year)
    New Aircraft: 747-8, Airbus A340-300
    New Airlines: SAS
    New Airports: Istanbul, Vienna, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Wilmington, Cleveland
    Most Common Aircraft: Embraer 145 (ugh)
    Most Common Airline: United Airlines
    Most Common Airport: Houston (lots of connections)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Washington National-Chicago

  19. Miles Flown: 128,122
    Segments: 97
    Carriers: 18 (American, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta, SWISS, SAS, Express Jet, United, Southwest, Air France, Porter, British Airways, AirKenya, Regional Air, KLM, Pinnacle, Sky Regional, WestJet)
    Countries: 16 (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, England, France, Monaco, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland)
    States: 15 (FL,TX,CA, NY, MI,NV,GA,TN,AR,CT,NJ,PA,LA,MS,HI)

  20. I don’t have openflights or flight memory but it sounds like something worth looking into. I just finished my last flight for 2013 – a total of 77,203 in 61 segments, all on United. Just about the same as the previous year. I don’t know how those Global Services folks do it. Happy New Year!

  21. Miles: just under 165,000 (ouch)
    Segments: 85
    New Aircraft: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    New Airlines: Lufthansa, Air Lingus, Cebu Pacific, JAL, Air Do
    New Airports: Frankfurt, Budapest, Sapporo, Sendai, Dublin, Grand Forks ND
    Most Common Aircraft: 737-800, 777, CRJ-XXX
    Most Common Airline: United (SFO hub captive)
    Most Common Airport: SFO

  22. Miles Flown: 94,804 (121,287 previous year)
    Segments: 83
    New Aircraft: A321, B744, B734, CRJ9
    New Carriers: Lufthansa (LH), Air France (FR), British Airways (BA), Virgin Atlantic (VS), SAS (SK), Alaska (AS), Icelandair (FI)
    Most Common Aircraft: A319, A320, B738, B73G
    Most Common Airline: Alaska (AS) (21 segments)
    Most Common Airport: Denver (DEN)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DEN-SFO (18 segs)

  23. Miles: approximately 25,000 miles (most ever) \o/
    Segments: 16
    New Aircraft: A380
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: Louisville
    Most Common Aircraft: A380 (4 segments)
    Most Common Airline: United (sigh) (7 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PIT (2 departres, 3 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PIT-EWR (3 segments)

  24. Miles: approximately 25,000 miles (most ever) \o/
    Segments: 16
    New Aircraft: A380
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: Louisville
    Most Common Aircraft: A380 (4 segments)
    Most Common Airline: United (sigh) (7 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PIT (2 departres, 3 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PIT-EWR (3 segments)

  25. The problem with a site like FlightMemory, is that it creates the desire to collect aircraft types, airlines and airports – a bit like stamp collecting. Spotting the plane from behind a fence isn’t enough – I gotta fly it as well.

    No hope airline that’ll likely go bust in 3 months time opens a route between my home city and some tiny hut with a strip of tarmac in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest big city ? If it’s the same continent as my home, I gotta buy a ticket there now !

    Some people fly long haul to Europe and spend a month or more ‘doing Europe’. I do Europe in a plane dork way !

    Miles – 27,655
    Segments – 51
    New aircraft – ATR 42, BAe Avro, Embraer 175, Let-410, Saab 2000
    New airlines – Aer Arann, Blue Air, Brighton City, Darwin, Minoan, Monarch, Tarom
    New airports – Angers, Asturias, Avignon, Bacau, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Corfu, Dresden, Exeter, Friedrichshafen, Hannover, Heraklion, Iasi, Innsbruck, Inverness, Kirkwall, Lamezia, Ljubljana, Maastricht, Manston, Oxford, Paderborn, Perpignan, Pontoise, Rennes, Shoreham, Strasbourg, Valladolid, Waterford, Zurich
    Most Common Aircraft – A319
    Most Common Airline – Easyjet
    Most Common Airport – London Gatwick
    Most Common Route – Gatwick-Dublin (2 segments)

  26. Miles: 47,616
    Segments: 25
    New Aircraft: B787 (on the inaugural NRT-SJC flight incidentally)
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: THS (Sukothai, Thailand)
    Most Common Aircraft: B737 (8)
    Most Common Airline: United/Delta/Alaska (5 each)
    Most Common Airport: NRT/OAK (4 departures/arrivals each)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Seattle-Oakland (6)

  27. Miles: 98,507 (most ever, all domestic)
    Segments: 130 (all United)
    New Aircraft: Q300, Q200
    New Airlines: Chautauqua (dba United Express)
    New Airports: Indianapolis, Memphis, Columbus, Idaho Falls, Kalispell, Mt., Billings, Mt., Washington Reagan
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-200 (Top three are all RJs)
    Most Common Airline: United mainline (46), Skywest (31)
    Most Common Airport: DEN (58 arrivals/departures)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Denver-Great Falls,Mt.

  28. Miles: 34,380 (25,997 last year)
    Segments: 37 (24 last year)
    New Aircraft: CRJ-700
    New Airlines: Virgin America
    New Airports: ALB, OAK, SFO
    Most Common Aircraft: A321 (13 Segments)
    Most Common Airline: US Airways (29 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PHX (27 departures/arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: PHX-DEN (9 segments)

  29. Amazing, and congratulations! Just wondering, do you keep FlightAware flight tracks for each of your trips? Perhaps a log listing each of the VORs you’ve flown over?

    You didn’t ask, but a favorite VOR of mine is the one there at the Lancaster, Pa. airport, one that is a wonderful marker for flights inbound to Dulles from Europe. Thanks to Channel 9, love to hear ATC: “Cross Lan-caster VOR, 17,000 or above [any lower, and you’ll have a Philly inbound to deal with]) (Pilots: it’s LANK-a-ster, not Lan-caster!) And, yes, I’ve taken lots of pictures over that VOR, of the landscape and farm of where I all started, and…sorry, more than anyone cares about, I know!

    Anyway, Cranky, you bring back memories of reading the flight exploits of Wayne W. Parrish (1907-1984) describing his attempts at fly comercially into each and every one of the world’s commercial airports. I believe he was the founder of American Aviation, an early competitor of OAG, or what became OAG. He donated his writings and such papers as flight logs to the Library of Congress. Looking forward to visiting the Cranky Flier Wing of the Library of Congress sometime down the line!

    1. Phew – and there was me thinking I was an oddball for wanting to fly commercial into or out of every commercial airport in Europe. Someone else had the bug far worse…

  30. Total Mileage: 41,733 (Most Ever, qualified AA Gold)
    Total Segments: 36 (Most Ever)
    New Aircraft: 747-400, Avro RJ-45
    New Airlines: AS, NK, F9, VY, I2, WX, SwiftAir (on behalf of VY)
    New Airports: LCY, FLR, FCO, BCN, ALC, PDX, ANC, AMA
    Most Common Airline: American
    Most Common Airport: LAX (20 arrivals or departures)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: LAX-DFW (10 segments)

  31. Miles: 107,162
    Segments: 84
    New Aircraft: None
    New Airlines: JetStar (JQ)
    New Airports: Queenstown, NZ (ZQN); Mexico City (MEX); Pensacola, FL (PNS)
    Most Common Aircraft: A321 and CRJ-900 (19 segments each)
    Most Common Airline: US Airways (76 segments)
    Most Common Airport: PHX (32 departures/33 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Fresno (FAT) – Phoenix (PHX) (17 segments)

  32. Sadly, with no more business travel, most of my future years will be even bleaker than this one. I’m also going to soon kiss goodbye to my AA elite status, which I’ve held continuously since a Platinum challenge in January, 2006.

    Miles – 13,764
    Segments – 15
    New aircraft – B737-800 with “Sky” interior
    New airlines – none
    New airports – ABQ, BZE, ELP, SEA
    Most common aircraft – 737 (14 segments)
    Most common airline – WN (8 segments)
    Most common airport – DFW (3 departures/3 arrivals)
    Most common route – a 15-way tie for first, as I had the distinction of flying 15 unique segments!

    1. Oops – I forgot a UA trip paid for with miles in August. So that changes things to:

      Miles – 16,509
      Segments – 17
      Most common airport – DFW (4 departures/4 arrivals)
      Most common route – make it 17 unique segments

  33. Miles: 42,876 (26,242 last year)
    Segments: 23 (17 last year)
    New Aircraft: A330-200, A330-300
    New Airlines: none
    New Airports: Amsterdam, Minneapolis
    Most Common Aircraft: 787-800 (8 segments)
    Most Common Airline: Southwest (6 segments)
    Most Common Airport: SAN (9 departures/9 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: San Diego – Honolulu (5 segments)
    Special liveries flown: AS Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II, AS Employee Powered
    Go-arounds: 1 (VX A320 at SAN)

  34. Miles: 13,363 (8,005 last year)
    Segments: 14 (12 last year)
    New Aircraft: DC-9-50
    New Airlines: Pinnacle (DBA Delta), ExpressJet (DBA United)
    New Airports: DTW, ATL, GUA, STL, MLI
    Most Common Aircraft: Tie – 757-200, CRJ-200 (3 each)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (5 segments)
    Most Common Airport: 3 way tie – ORD (1 arr, 1 dep, 1 cnx), MDW (1 arr, 2 dep), LAX (1 dep/2 arr)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: ORD-ATL, ATL-GUA, round trip (all other segments unique)

    A big highlight this year was also in that I flew F for the first time :)

  35. Quite a biggun’ for me:

    Miles: 89,957 (58,000ish last year)
    New Aircraft: ERJ-175, Dash-8 (100)
    New Airlines: Jazz
    New Airports: YVR, YYJ, STL, FCO
    Most Common Aircraft: 777-200
    Most Common Airline: United
    Most Common Airport: LHR

    Did a mental itinerary in September, which was LHR-IAD-LHR-LAX-YVR-YYJ-YVR-ORD-LHR, which involved crossing the Atlantic 3 times in 30 hours (to the extent where I literally got straight back on the same 777-200 I flew in on to go back to LA). Also flew BA for the first time in a VERY long time, to go to Rome (fabulous, fabulous city). Hoping 2014 brings the usual US trips (I have LHR-EWR-JFK-LAX-LHR in two weeks time), plus another three to the US, and fingers crossed for India and Brasil. We shall see….

    Happy New Year to you all, anyway. Hope the Cranky family are fit and well, Brett.

  36. Like some of the other posters, not a biz traveler. That said, here are my 2013 stats:
    Miles flown: 14576 (record for me)
    Segments: 12
    New Aircraft: A330-200
    New Airlines: Hainan Airlines, China Southern
    New Airports: Beijing Capital, Haikou Meilan, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Pudong
    Most Common Aircraft: B737 (-300, -400, -700, -800)
    Most Common Airline: Southwest (4 segments)
    Most Common Airport: HAK (Haikou)–This surprised me but to date I’ve used it 3 times since moving to China in September. CHI would be next (1-ORD, 2-MDW)

    Coming up in 2014….
    First Premium Class Trip: Used AAdvantage miles for a Business/First AAward PVG-DTW later this month. (On a related note, Cranky–would you please read my question at the end of this post?)
    New Airport(s): YYZ, HKG, SZX
    New Airline: Air Canada (Maybe more Chinese carriers to come?)
    New Airplane: 777-200
    Cranky–I booked the PVG-DTW trip in October. At that time I was able to select seats for the two domestic legs of my trip. However, for some odd reason, since booking, whenever I try to access the seat map for AA182 between PVG-LAX on Jan. 25 an error message pops up saying that the seat map is not available for the flight. The message says to contact AA Web Services, which I’ve done. Twice, two months apart. The reply was a variation of “Thanks for notifying us, we’ll get it fixed.” I’ve called AA only to have their reservations & Aadvantage staff tell me they can’t see the seat map either! They told me they could note the seat I wanted on my record, but not confirm it. I tweeted @AmericanAir and also got a vague non-answer. It was implied that they might be using a different plane on that flight (-300 would be way cool) and that might be the reason. The second time I contacted Web Services they said they’d let me know when the seat map is available.

    Bottom line, it’s now just over three weeks out and I really don’t understand why American can’t get its act together to fix this bug. I just picked out my meals for the trip, including PVG-LAX! If you check the same flight the day before and after, you see the seat map. If you search the PVG-ORD flight the same date, you can see that seat map.

    Can you please reach out to your AA contacts and find out what the story is? I can’t be the only one out of over 240+ passengers who would like to choose my seat in advance.

    Sorry to get a little long-winded there, but thanks Cranky, if you can help!

    1. Hbeach – All it says when I try to do it on Sabre is “equipment change in progress.” Other than 2 F seats, the flight is completely sold out, so it would seem possible that they were upgauging that day. Since they still have 2 F seats for sale, they couldn’t be downgauging because no other aircraft in the fleet have F other than the 777-300ER.

      1. Thanks for checking Cranky! Would be great if they use the -300 that day, especially since the seats on the sides are single seats, not the two-seaters on the -200. Even if I end up in the center section there are two seats not three. Plus it’s the fancier, more passenger-friendly one (according to Jaunted.com at least).

        Regardless of which version they fly hopefully they’ll unlock them at the latest at the usual 24-hour check-in time rather than make us wait until we get to the airport.

  37. Miles Flown: 127,730
    Segments: 73
    New Carriers: 5 (Air Asia, Amaszonas, Avianca, Ethiopian Airlines, Precision Air)
    Countries (Not including Layovers): 14 (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, China, Columbia, UK, Israel, Kenya, Palestine, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, USA)
    US States: 21 (CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, IL, KY, LA, MD, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, DC, TX, VA, WV)

  38. Miles: 113,982
    Segments: 72
    New Aircraft: none
    New Airlines: Sichuan Airlines (3U), Hainan Airlines (HU)
    New Airports: Lhasa (LHZ)
    Most Common Aircraft: A319 (10)
    Most Common Airline: United (36)
    Most Common Airport: Chicago O’Hare (34)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: San Francisco Chicago, Chengdu Hong Kong (10 each)

  39. Miles: 8,033 (13,250 last year)
    Segments: 12 (10 last year)
    New Aircraft: B737-900 (and also a new [literally] B738 with BSI!)
    New Airlines: N/A
    New Airports: DCA, NAS
    Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-200, CRJ-900, MD-88, A320 (2 flights each)
    Most Common Airline: Delta (10 segments)
    Most Common Airport: DSM (3 departures/3 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: DSM-DTW, DSM-ATL

  40. Here you go Brett:

    Miles flown = ~250,000 (219K revenue, others FF)
    Segments = 143
    Most frequent city pair = SFO/ORD (many connections)
    Most common carrier = United (0 segments on non-star alliance)
    New carriers = Aegean
    New destinations = Vienna, Athens, Santorini, BUF

  41. Miles: 34,878
    Segments: 15
    New Aircraft: 747-400
    New Airlines: British Airways, Air Berlin, Lufthansa
    New Airports: London-Heathrow, Berlin-Tegel,
    Most Common Aircraft: 319, 772 (3 segments each)
    Most Common Airline: American (7 segments)
    Most Common Airport: DEN (6 departures/5 arrivals)
    Most Common Non-Directional Route: Buenos Aires-DFW, PDX-DEN ( 3 segments each)

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