Topic of the Week: Feel Good Friday

It’s a light week with not much to discuss, so let’s just watch some of the warm-fuzzy holiday efforts from a couple airlines.

You’ve probably already seen WestJet’s Christmas Miracle, but just in case you haven’t…

And then there was JetBlue’s Fly it Forward campaign

Any more out there that warm the cockles?

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7 Responses to Topic of the Week: Feel Good Friday

  1. aarong34 says:

    Alaska AIrlines had a “Wish You Were Here” campaign where they surprised travelers by offering to fly family in for the holidays…

  2. I saw something similar from Alaska.

  3. Nick says:

    West Jet -just brilliant, you have to take your hats off to these guys – that’s all I can say

  4. David M says:

    WestJet’s video was impressive, especially when you consider the logistics involved (having just the time of the flight to get the gifts purchased and wrapped and delivered to baggage claim), but I like the bringing people together aspect to what Alaska and JetBlue did. It’s something that airlines are in a position to do quite well, and feels more like actually helping people, rather than just feeding our consumerist culture.

    • Yeah the WestJet one was pretty awesome. Although I’m curious how they got everyone to show up at baggage claim? (beyond the fact that the first checked bag is free..)

  5. Though, I wonder if the reason the Canadians got to have a better deal is because of tax law… AFAIK, the free ticket and the gifts would be taxable in the US. (When I’ve won contests I’ve had to hand over a W9 and I’ve gotten a 1099-MISC in return.) Figuring out all the tax forms for the Westjet giveaway would be insanely difficult, though it’d be less of a problem for the AS and B6 giveaways.

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