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The longest flight in the
I was asked to comment on the declining popularity of 4 engine aircraft. It’s all about economics.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 14 – 18)

  1. I know hundreds of 2-engine jets fly long over water flight everyday, but I still feel uneasy flying a 2-engine jet to/from Hawaii. It doesn’t make for a relaxing flight when you know the only one engine (hopefully one is still working) can keep you from landing in all that water.

    I do miss 3 and 4 engine airplanes flying over long stretches of water.

    1. Thought I’d feel the same, David, when UA/CO started flying the 757’s across the atlantic – have to say the last LHR-IAD flight I did in a 757 was just lovely (easily as comfortable as the 777, with less queuing for the loos!).

      However, not sure how comfortable I’d be doing AKL/LAX in a 777 – likewise, nice to have the security of 4 just in case – there’s a lot of water out there.

  2. 747’s are always faster. Twins are low and slow. When you need the power to prevent stalls (AF RIO to Paris A330) it had better be there or down you go!

    1. lennie – Just because you have more engines doesn’t mean you have more power. The A340-200/300 had 4 engines with 31,200 to 34,000 lbs each. The A330-200/300 has engines ranging from 64,500 to 72,000 lbs note. And it should be noted that the Air France A330 was a -203 which had GE engines with 72,000 lbs of thrust each – more than any A340-200/300. Power was not the problem in that accident.

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