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In the Trenches: A Big-Company Structure for a Small BusinessIntuit Small Business Blog
Cranky Concierge isn’t a big business, but it might be some day. So I’m thinking about how that should work from a structural perspective.

Remarks of Tony Tyler at the Wings Club, New York CityIATA Speech
IATA CEO and Director General Tony Tyler gave a speech at the Wings Club talking about the state of the industry. It’s worth a read on its own, but I was particularly pleased to be quoted in his speech regarding DOJ’s view of Southwest as a non-competitor.

Low Cost Carriers Don’t Usually Bend Over Backwards for You… Except on Allegiant This WeekConde Nast Daily Traveler
Allegiant’s maintenance team really messed up on a compliance issue, and that caused them to ground more than half the MD-80 fleet while they fix it. In the meantime, the customer response has been remarkable. Surprisingly, they’re really doing what they can to take care of people. (And hopefully they’re sending the bill to the maintenance team.)

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  1. Allegiant must of heard Ryanair was going to start being nice to people and figured they could too….lol

    But something like this is different as it can get big media attention and screaming headlines about ‘Allegiant unsafe to fly’ and get people to not book them. But with a mass of goodwill towards travelers with tickets that trumps the negative stories headline grabbing media outlets can toss out.

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