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In the Trenches: Setting PrioritiesIntuit Small Business Blog
There are a lot of projects I’d like to complete here at Cranky Concierge. But instead of trying to do them all, I need to pick one at a time and focus.

United’s New Seats: the Good, the Bad, and the In-BetweenConde Nast Daily Traveler
United is rolling out new seats on its A319s and A320s. Here’s the good and the bad of the move.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 13 – 17)

  1. Keep hearing ‘slim seats’ and ‘uncomfortable’ used in the same sentence. Funny how as kids we sat in school on hard wooden seats all day and didn’t think anything of it. Now we want comfort when we sit in an airplane.

    Would seem it would make sense to add comfortable seats on aircraft used in long haul service where people must sit for a long period of time, and use the more uncomfortable slim seats on short haul aircraft where it’s not much of an issue, and flight times are not as long.

    Maybe the Ryanair chief wasn’t off his rocker when he talked about stand up seating or whatever it was called. I’ve stood for 2 hours on a 40 minute commuter train ride home many times (yes delays happen), so why can’t someone sit the way he talked about or in an uncomfortable slim seat for 2 hours.

  2. I’ve sat in the slimline seats on another airline and while they’re slightly more comfortable than the wooden seats that I had in perhaps one or two classes, they’re less comfortable than the molded plastic seats that I had in almost every class. I fear United putting them in, but maybe they’ll get it right.

    I’m more irritated at the moment about turning all on-board entertainment into a revenue stream. But I guess with so many people bringing their devices with them, it was turning into a painful cost sink. I think intellectually I understand, but there’s a gut reaction that involves anger.

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