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Cranky on the Web (April 8 – 12)


How to Avoid an In-Flight Entertainment Incident on UnitedPerrin Post on Conde Nast
Wendy asked me which flights on United had inflight entertainment, so I gave her the best way to figure it out (though it’s not completely fool-proof).

United Airlines says 2012 Airline Quality Rating doesn’t tell the whole storyCleveland Plain-Dealer
My usual comments on the Airline Quality survey and how it’s not exactly my favorite.

In the Trenches: Looking for New OpportunitiesIntuit Small Business Blog
With one change in the books, it’s time to look for more opportunities to grow the business.

Cranky Flier – Best of the Best Blogger SeriesCredit Card Assist
I did a short interview about a handful of topics including my background, why I think people hate air travel, and whether I use mileage credit cards.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 8 – 12)

    1. David – I can only assume there was more to the story. My guess is that the passenger was far from the kind and gentle soul that she wants people to believe. But without having been on the airplane, it’s hard to know exactly what went down.

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