Topic of the Week: Crankyspotting in Phoenix on November 19

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Dorkfest at LAX has been a lot of fun the last couple years, so it’s now time to take this on the road. I’ll be in Phoenix for Thanksgiving and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little spotting in the Valley of the Sun. But one thing that I don’t want to do is discourage people who don’t consider themselves “airline dorks” from attending. Everyone can have fun hanging out and watching airplanes go by, so a name change is in order. Instead of Dorkfest, it’s time to do a little …

Yep, Crankyspotting. Even though I really like spotting on top of the parking garages at Sky Harbor, I don’t want to do that during the peak holiday season. Those garages fill up quickly and we shouldn’t hog parking spaces if we aren’t traveling. So instead, Crankyspotting will be at Tempe Beach Park from 4p to 6p on Monday, November 19.

Tempe Beach Park just happens to be right across the street from US Airways headquarters. At that time of day, it should also be right under the arrivals path. I’ll park myself right around the tented area with picnic tables (look at the pin on this map). All you US Airways folks can ditch work early and stop by to say hello and watch some of your airplanes bring people to town for some family holiday action.

If you think you can make it, let me know in the comments or via email to

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18 comments on “Topic of the Week: Crankyspotting in Phoenix on November 19

  1. Perhaps you could pick a name that’s not quite so linked to yourself – makes it sound a bit like people waiting for a glimpse of the Emperor Cranky going past in his golden carriage

  2. For those of you who are also transit geeks, there’s a light rail station about two blocks south of Cranky’s spot in the park (and just south of the US Airways HQ). Since the 19th is a weekday, the US Airways company store should be open to satisfy your desire for US Airways memorabilia (the store is on the ground floor on the north side of the building). I’ll try to make it. The spot is also close to downtown Tempe and Arizona State University. So there are lots of fun places to hang out before and after you’ve spotted Cranky.

  3. “Crankyspotting” – love it! But, if we’re channeling the movie further, that means Brett is Mother Superior on account of the length of his habit!

  4. I wanted to go to the one in LAX, but couldn’t make it. I am pretty sure I will be there since I am just a few miles north of there!

  5. Maybe, lots of stuff going on lately.

    I’ll know by then. Hey, they just made the Hayden Mill into a nice little park and info center, kinda neat.

  6. That Hayden Mill park went in about three years ago. I attend a conference in summer at a nearby hotel and take an early morning walk through it at the crack of dawn before the temperature shoots up.

    Another viewing option would be on top of the butte just behind it, the one next to Sun Devil Stadium.

  7. I have a throwaway job interview on Monday, earlier in the day for something that is about 4 steps below me…but will be good performance art. Will bring the 15×70 binocs which are good enough to see the terrified faces in the windows of the planes. Hell, I might even wear my USAirways shirt…..

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