Topic of the Week: What Should I Tell US Airways?

As you all know, I’ll be in Phoenix next week. (I hope you can join me on Monday from 4p to 6p for some Crankyspotting at Tempe Beach Park.)

But what you don’t know is that the next day I will be in a meeting with a group of executives at US Airways talking about corporate and agency sales. Yes, they’ve invited both me and Holly Hegeman from PlaneBusiness to chime in. If you have any thoughts on how US Airways handles this part of the business, send them my way. Or even better, bring them with you to Crankyspotting and tell me in person.

  • Are you a travel agency owner or employee who deals with airline contracts and problems?
  • Do you book travel at a travel agency?
  • Do you manage airline contracts for a larger company?
  • Are you a traveler at a company who has a corporate contract?

If you are in any of these situations and you have ideas for how US Airways can improve, please let me know at Please include stories about what US Airways does wrong but also what other airlines do right. It’s often that there’s a captive audience for something like this, so please let me know all your thoughts.

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