Topic of the Week: Some New Safety Videos

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We have a couple of new safety videos that were released this week. In my mind, the ultimate question here is… will people pay attention? First up is Air New Zealand’s pure commercial Hobbit video:

Then Delta brought out two versions of its new safety video that relies on much more subtle (too subtle?) humor:

See the alternate version here.

What do you think? Like ’em? Hate ’em? Don’t care in the least?

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35 comments on “Topic of the Week: Some New Safety Videos

  1. Well, it may be that four days without electricity in NYC has altered my sense of humor, but the Delta video cracked me up. Frankly, anything after the usual stress of getting past TSA and boarding that elicits a chuckle is well worth it. Nicely done.

  2. The alternate Delta video gives this YouTube error message ” This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that.”

  3. The Delta safety briefing is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Just the right amount of humour without going overboard into the realm of complete cheese. I really enjoy the reaction the guy has sitting next to the woman with a cup of tea. I think every frequent flyer has been there before.

  4. I like the delta one better. I am not a fan of the Hobbit (gasp) and Delta humor is more subtle and focuses more on the safety than the comedy. Also, several items on the Hobbit video would not have passed TSA! :)

  5. Delta did a nice job. The under-seat bonsai storage made me smile.

    Will people pay attention? Well perhaps they could make it shorter to improve the chances. They could scrap the part about putting your own mask on first, since we were informed by a commenter here that we all think that we are special and none of the subsequent posts indicated any problem with that.

    The link to the alternate delta video sez that the video has been removed when I tried.

  6. I really liked the Delta videos. It wasn’t over the top and the humor didn’t distract from the message. Additionally, I found new things when I watched them the second time (like the guy with 2 left feet when they show the location of the life preserver). I much prefer a small amount of humor over the workman-like videos you see on the other airlines.

  7. Nothing tops Virgin America. You could almost transition the characters/animation from that video into its own tv series.

  8. Its about time someone in the US instilled some humour into these boring, but unfortunately necessary safety videos. New Zealand takes the biscuit every time – whether its rugby, hobbits you don’t forget them, and they are brilliant and at the same time marketing their beautiful country – Delta is making a refreshing change to what has historically been a very matter of fact, drab, pay attention you morons, video. Too subtl – not by a long chalk -but that’s the difference between European humour and American – need more of what Delta is doing, and ractchet it up.

  9. As a huge Middle Earth fan I loved NZ video. The DL videos were good also. The issue really is that after you’ve seen them a dozen or so times the novelty wears off. I guess for the less than frequent flyer it will help them pay attention.

  10. NZ while different would not be one I would want to watch over and over if I flew them a lot, once was enough. I would think people would be watching the people more then listening to the voice over.

    Either DL was ok to watch everytime you flew, and the second when everyone turned to look for their exit and the guy comes out of the lav was funny.

    For both if you needed your life vest it would be better to be in coach since it’s only in one place. Business and First passengers have to many places to look for it. You could sink to the bottom spending time hunting for it.

  11. Love the subtle humor. Did anyone notice the silhouette of Abe Lincoln in the background? Not giving away where – just look for it.

    And despite flying well over 1,000,000 miles with Delta, I have never been on a plane with her. What gives, Delta? How am I ever going to propose to her if I never get to see her! ;-)

  12. As a fan of Middle Earth I thought the NZ safety video was great. The DL videos also spruced up an otherwise boring safety video. All are good for the less than frequent flyer as I believe it will help them pay attention. Once you see them a dozen or so times the novelty will wear off and one is less apt to pay attention.

  13. The New Zealand Video will keep the kids attention…Delta Did a good job
    but, I agree with Steve that after a few times seasoned fliers will have their
    heads back in their reading material. They always fail to mention that your oxygen mask is attached to a very small oxygen tank that is only good for 15-20 minutes Max….hopefully you are down below 10 K feet by then…

    1. Rich, they fail to mention that because standard operating procedure when an airplane loses cabin pressure is to initiate a descent to get below 10k. From what I’ve heard its a reasonably dramatic descent.

      Oh, and its not an oxygen tank, its an oxygen generator that creates oxygen from a chemical reaction. Notice how they always say “pull the mask down” part of that pulling the mask down is to pull out the pin that starts the chemical reaction.

  14. I don’t think they have to apply to everyone Rachel M, if you don’t like the Hobbit, try some of Air New Zealand’s other safety videos. They are consistently trying to be engaging and entertaining while informing you about things you’ve heard at least 5 million times before.

    I found the Delta SV’s to be interesting and a nice addition to an otherwise travelworn industry. The little bits of humor were just right and Jason mentioned it didn’t fall into the “cheese” category, I agree. The only thing I thing was that it was a bit long-winded, in our overly-litigious society, maybe if you can’t figure things out, you shouldn’t be on an airplane (like emotional support animals!).

    It will be a welcome change if some of the other majors can find a bit of humor and break the hum-drum mode of here’s the door, here’s the lifevest, lighting will come on, etc..

  15. I loved the NZ video. Delta was good too-a few things to keep people amused so they watch. I have to admit-I’m one of these people who doesn’t pay much attention any more after hearing basically the same instruction on all types of planes that I fly. Anything to catch my attention!

  16. The new DL videos are brilliant — serious enough, but light touches of smart humor that I would argue are consistent with the brand they are building (stylish, smart, etc.) The reference to “Deltalina” with her finger-wag is brilliant. And the guy coming out of the lav as everyone turns around is really funny. The only thing I miss about the old DL video is the back-beat music, which I loved. Big fan!

  17. As a Kiwi, Air New Zealand is my national airline and I’ve always loved the various Air New Zealand safety videos. I think the Air New Zealand video is another fine example of making the safety video more interesting – such that people do actually pay attention.

  18. The first DL video obviously shows a wide-body aircraft for the video, but then the exit chart is for a 737-800, which is a narrow-body aircraft. Personally, I don’t have any problem with having lots of fun with a safety video – a la The Hobbit video. We, in New Zealand, know how to have fun. The DL video is too serious in my opinion – and all the mentions about ‘Federal Law says that’ – ugh! Do you really have to mention the words ‘Federal Law’?

  19. As a Kiwi, Air New Zealand is my national airline, and my main airline of choice. We are truly proud of The Hobbit movies being made in New Zealand, and so it’s only proper that our national airline would celebrate that. I think that the Air New Zealand Hobbit movie still shows you all the information that you need to know, but in a really fun way. The Air New Zealand marketing team are very creative and I think this is another awesome safety video from them.

  20. I really think Delta needs to be a bit better about customizing their videos. Like Adrian I thought the widebody/narrowbody mismatch was annoying. Perhaps doing a widebody video and a narrowbody video would work. (Or given that this is Delta perhaps they should make a widebody video, a 3×3 video (for the A320s/737/757s) and a 3×2 video (for the DC-9 and its derivatives.)

    Also, that whole flowchart to find and then use the life jacket is a bit nuts in my opinion. I’m quite sure they know what type of life jackets are on which plane, so they should just deliver a video that matches this properly.

    1. This is true at most airlines — the video is typically filmed on a widebody, and the graphic about exits is narrowbody.

  21. I think the only way the Delta video could be improved is if Alec Baldwin was convinced to make a cameo similar to Deltalina for the “turn off and stow all electronic items” bit.

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