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Topic of the Week: Aloha Readers


For the first time in more than 3 years, I’m going on a real vacation. As you read this, I’m on my way to Maui, and I’ll be planting my butt on a beach there for the next week, fruity drink in hand. I have posts set to go live while I’m gone, but I won’t be participating in the comments much and I will be much slower at clearing comments caught in the spam filter. Enjoy the week, and I’ll be back with a regular post on the 24th.

In the meantime, I hope you’re making plans to join the Cranky Dorkfest on September 29 at 11a at the In ‘n Out near LAX. I’ve received great response so far, including from fellow blogger David Parker Brown at AirlineReporter.com Make sure you come join us!

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12 comments on “Topic of the Week: Aloha Readers

  1. Does the trip to the Olympics last month not count as a vacation as well, or does a vacation have to involve butt on beach ? Shops in London sell cans of fizzy fruit-flavour drinks as well…. !

    1. Oh, and if you are going to tour around the island, think about going to the Pineapple winery especially if they are having a festival with music and food and the like – very nice.

  2. If, instead of Kaanapali, you are staying on the southend (Kihei/Wailea), make sure you do the beach walk from Keawakapu Beach . . . starting at the Mana Kai Hotel/Sorentos/Five Palms Restaurant and going all the way to the Grand Wailea Hotel. Great time of year . . . not so many tourists. Also, check out “Happy Hour” at Longhi’s at the Shops at Wailea. Starts around 3:30 and goes to 6. Great pupus and discounted drinks. Sensei Restaurant (S. Kihei Blvd at Foodland) is 1/2 off if you get in the line that starts at 4:3 0pm til 6. Check TripAdvisor for more local stuff. Enjoy the rest. I love your blob.

  3. Just got back a couple weeks ago. I was flying UA so I utlilized your concierge services just in case. Amazingly all 5 flights went without a hitch. One of my most amazing memories was driving way south on the island on the road to La Perouse Bay and seeing the sunset while standing in a lava field. Amazing! Enjoy!

  4. Have a great vacation. I know how that feels, haven’t taken a holiday in 4 years. Need a vacation to clear my head and recharge my batteries. Maui sounds idyllic – do post up some pictures when you are back!

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