Cranky on the Web (July 2 – 6)


10 Ways To Travel Like a Frequent FlierJohnny Jet
A nice shout-out from Johnny Jet about Cranky Concierge services.

In the Trenches: Getting TogetherIntuit Small Business Blog
I brought my new employee out for a visit, and I’m glad I did.

Cranky Flier explains why airplane tickets are so hard to purchaseThe Madeleine Brand Show
This is a 5:40 audio clip talking about why airline tickets are so hard to purchase. It is incredibly hard to try to boil down the issue of airlines vs distribution systems but I think this still came together pretty well for a broad brush look.

4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (July 2 – 6)

  1. My company during better times would have the department get together in one location for a little get together. We are located in different time zones and in two countries so it was nice to be other then a voice on the phone.

  2. I invariably find that “Getting Together” not only improves intracompany relationships, but it also improves the vendor-client relationship – in both directions.

    Though text-based (email, SMS) interactions may be efficient most of the time, it is nice to know your vendor or client personally. Once I have met or at least spoken too a vendor or client, in my head, I read their messages in “their voice”. It also leads to more effective text-based communications, as I am more aware of nuances in the messages that would not otherwise be apparent.

    So while email and SMS may be the most efficient methods for Cranky Concierges to communicate with clients who are time zones and continents apart, I sometimes think that an actual conversation during the planning phase would be helpful. It would help the Concierges to get all of the information they need, and it puts a face, or at least a voice, into the relationship for the client.

    I know that when I have had personal interactions with vendors and clients, the business relationship thereafter is mutually improved.

    1. I agree about talking to clients as well. We do talk to plenty of clients, but time zone issues can cause problems, as you know! But I’m always happy to talk with clients at any time.

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