Cranky on the Web (April 2 – 6)

Frontier, Southwest, Spirit

Live Chat: Children on
I was one of the panelists for a live chat about kids on airplanes. You can see the transcript at the link above.

The Midwest Cookie Is Dead and Other Important Airline NewsConde Nast Daily Traveler
This week, I did a round up of the death of the Frontier cookie, Spirit’s growth in DFW, and Southwest’s expansion into AirTran markets.

Allegiant Air begins charging passengers for carry-on bagsThe Madeleine Brand Show
I was on the show to talk about Allegiant’s new carry on bag fee and had a good discussion.

Dallas Tornadoes and DFW Airport: What Travelers Should Do When Flights Are CancelledConde Nast Daily Traveler
When storms hit DFW this week, scores of flights were canceled and people were stranded. We were able to help our clients get home quickly. Here are suggestions for handling these types of events.

In the Trenches: HiredIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s finally happened. I’ve hired my first employee. While it was a long road to get here, I’m glad that it’s done.

Continental’s Airline Quality Rating dropped out of Top 10 in 2011 (take our poll)Cleveland Plain Dealer
I was asked about the Airline Quality Rating, which I don’t put much stock in.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 2 – 6)

  1. Re: CO quality ratings – these things are subjective nonsense. Those with an axe to grind will seek out an opportunity to complain, whilst those generally content will not go to the effort to complete such surveys. CO die-hards, like UA die-hards will still have issues about the merger – I think I’ve reached the point of grudging acceptance.

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