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Inside Alaska Airlines’ New Terminal at LAXConde Nast Daily Traveler
I had the chance to take a tour of the new Alaska Airlines terminal 6 at LAX, and it’s a beauty. I’ll actually be covering this further here on Cranky next week.

In the Trenches: Our Money Back GuaranteeIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s a rare occurrence, but every so often we get a client who invokes our moneyback guarantee. In some cases, it makes me want to rethink the proposition completely.

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Wow, that new Alaska Terminal puts a lot of gates and aircraft on the south side of LAX, doesn’t it? LAX isn’t my home airport, but I fly there often enough. What are putting in Terminal 3 to replace Alaska?




Regarding your “bad customer.” Yup, you’re going to get them. You basically have two choices — toughen up the policy or price them into your cost of doing business.

Separately — and I know you didn’t do this — but when I hear businesses dissing “bad customers” just because they are looking for a deal, the business is missing the point. If the business is value added for the price point, they will stay in business. If they’re not, they won’t.

David SF eastbay

How about a money back guarantee if they find something lower/better somewhere else and can show you proof and not just say it. All they did was have you do all the work and then turned over the info to their sister-in-law or whomever they know is a travel agent to book the trip.