Topic of the Week: A Southwest Feel Good Story


It’s the holiday season, so that means it’s time for some nice warm and fuzzy stories. Southwest put out a good one that also used the power of social media for awesomeness.

A guy and his girlfriend were traveling on a flight to Phoenix and it had wifi onboard. The guy went to the Southwest Facebook page and said that a flight attendant onboard was so great that she deserved something excellent when the flight arrived at the gate. If that happened, he would sign a contract agreeing to fly Southwest for life as long as that flight attendant worked there. Someone at Southwest saw it, got a big cookie with an inscription recognizing Holly, and brought it to the gate along with a contract for the passenger to sign. Awesome. Read the whole story.

So, let’s hear some of your feel-good stories as you work off that turkey coma.

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6 comments on “Topic of the Week: A Southwest Feel Good Story

  1. Great story! Another interesting part to that story is that Taylor Swift’s dad was flying Southwest. Being a stock broker, and Taylor Swift’s dad, he could probably afford to buy all of American’s stock right now, yet he flew Southwest. Love seeing even the 1% find value in the things the rest of us do!

  2. It’s the holiday season, so that means it’s time for some nice warm and fuzzy stories.

    As opposed to the internet media who loves to point out throughout the year that, they’re old, they’re lazy, they’re fat, they’re not educated, they’re waitresses, they should be happy to have a job..etc.
    THANK YOU for bringing a positive story to your site, just DONT make it a seasonal thing. =)

  3. So Southwest had to pay the cost of a big cookie, and in return they got a contract guaranteeing a customer’s business for life. That’s a pretty sweet deal for any company.

    1. …and if it were that simple, every company would bake you a big cookie.

      From an engineering perspective, the logistics of it also impress me as well: that was an amazingly nimble of a response for such a big company…

  4. In what sense is a pledge to fly Southwest considered a contract? Is it enforceable? Is there such a thing as a contract without some give and take on both sides?

    And assuming that this pledge does bring in some marginal increase in business (hard to tell — perhaps Rowland always flies Southwest anyway?), would this extra revenue be credited (at least partly) to the wi-fi system?

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