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In the Trenches: Repeat ClientsIntuit Small Business Blog
There’s nothing better than having repeat clients, so I’m always trying to figure out the best way to increase that business.

United, American airlines challenge proposed new fees (poll)Cleveland Plain Dealer
I’ll be writing more about proposed aviation taxes next week, but here’s a preview of my thoughts (with a very non-elegant quote).

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web (October 17 – 21)

  1. The taxes issue is sticky. I’ll hold off on my thoughts but I think the airlines could earn some good will by stomaching the TSA fee increases and even offering to “eat the cost” (not that anyone would notice the $.50 or $30 increases) but the $100 per departure?? Nah.

  2. There’s not an industry in this country that doesn’t think it’s over taxed. But having written this much on the topic, I’ll wait to see your piece on airline taxation before I comment further.

  3. Don’t really see how new taxes are the ‘dumbest thing ever’. Our country is in debt and needs new sources of revenue. I am sure that every industry thinks that they should be immune from any pain, but in reality none should be. It may be a painful move, it may cut some flight capacity, but is sure not the ‘dumbest thing ever’. Compare our flight costs to other countries; what makes us think we are entitled to cheap flights?

    1. As usual, reporters take small nuggets of sound bites that may sound good but really shed no light on the issue at hand. I’m writing about this tomorrow, so come back then to see why I think the way this is being done is wrong.

  4. I don’t think it’s right for taxpayers to pay for security services. MANY people don’t fly. Also, corporate jets use the same FAA services as commercial airliners, and should therefore pay the same. I don’t like supporting increased taxes, but this proposal is reasonable and should be enacted.

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