Cranky on the Web (October 10 – 14)


What to do when an airline goes bankruptCNN Out of the Office
With all the rumors flying around about an American bankruptcy, I thought it was a good idea to talk about what to do when an airline does go bankrupt (not suggesting that it’s happening to American anytime soon).

How to Skip Long Security Lines at the AirportKiplinger’s Personal Finance
I was asked what the new TSA trusted traveler program could do and this is what they pulled out of it. Didn’t say “x-ray” machine but rather the backscatter. It got changed in editing, I suppose.

In the Trenches: Reconsidering the Prepaid ModelIntuit Small Business Blog
I always think about how we charge for our services to see if there’s a better way. So far, I’m not convinced there is.

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1 comment on “Cranky on the Web (October 10 – 14)

  1. The prepaid model

    Looky loos can be a pain and take up a lot of your time and then if you find something better then their brother-in-laws cousin they will just take your info and go to that person who will get the credit for it or not charge them a fee.

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