Early Feedback on the Liquid Ban is . . . Positive?


I have yet to fly in the new liquid-free era (that’ll be next week), but I’ve had quite a few friends who have. Of course, I’ve asked them all what they thought about the new “dry cabin” rules, and every single one has said they actually like it.

Shocking, no? It actually makes a lot of sense.

Since they couldn’t bring liquids on board, it meant they had to check bags. Of course, that meant just about everyone had to check bags, but nobody had any complaints about the length of the line.

Once they got to the plane, they said it was great. No huge rollaboards, no duffel bags smacking people on the head as they lumber down the aisle. Pretty much everyone traveled light in the cabin, and it meant that there was no shortage of overhead space at all. Boarding was much quicker, and it was just a more pleasant atmosphere.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this in action next week, and I will of course have a trip report posted here when I return.

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