Those Mother F***in’ Snakes


Snakes on a Plane

The title really says it all, doesn’t it? Even though the true die-hard fans went last night at 10p, I decided to wait to see it tonight.

And it was definitely worth the wait.

I had been waiting for this one to come out for months. The buzz had been at a fever pitch, but amazingly all it did was lower my expectations. I expected to see a horribly bad movie about snakes trying to kill people on a plane. That’s pretty much what I got. But there was plenty of gratuitous nudity and violence, including people getting bitten in some very bad places. It was graphic, and it was great. Samuel L Jackson was, of course, the perfect lead for the movie.

Normally aviation inaccuracies in movies just annoy me, but this time they just were expected. Actually, I was amazed when they got things right, like telling the plane to land on runway 24L at LAX (that’s a real runway, and in fact, it’s one that hasn’t had any problems lately). But when they had the pilot talking to the LAX tower when he was over 1,000 miles out, I just had to laugh off its ridiculousness.

Good times.

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1 comment on “Those Mother F***in’ Snakes

  1. Nice review, Cranky. You’re right about the aviation/airline references. The few inconsistencies didn’t bother me a bit. The movie was the bomb!!

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