Cranky on the Web (September 26 – 30)


Snyder: Padded flight times a reasonable bufferCNN Out of the Office
Some people love to suggest that airlines pad flight schedules just to make it look like they’re on time. That’s not really how it works.

The New Boeing 787Right This Minute
This was a video interview about the 787. It was chopped up into a short segment so some of things are a little out of context, but it was fun to do.

In the Trenches: Sweating the Small StuffIntuit Small Business Blog
I naturally worry when things go wrong, even if minor. That’s just not a good way to be as we keep growing.

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  1. Off topic (but on time): Any thoughts about Allegiant’s imminent departure from Long Beach? Just a week ago I was at their counter buying a ticket (and saving the web convenience fee), and while chatting with the agents there they told me they were going to start Hawaii in the spring. And now I read that all service will be gone in less than 2 months…

    1. I’ve had a lot of discussions about this in the last day. Personally, I don’t get it, and I’ll be writing more about this later on. But Allegiant had to have known that nothing would really work until Hawai’i came online. So I’m not sure why the change in strategy at this point since Hawai’i still hasn’t happened. Seems like a very strange turn for an airline that just picked up an extra slot a couple months ago. I don’t get it.

      1. When I first read Allegiant was pulling out of LGB and first thought of you Brett and knew you would be giving us some thoughts on that. Can’t wait and I too thought all this time Hawaii was the goal for LGB. Should be interesting to see what happens with the 757’s, if there will be 757’s now in their future.

      2. Yes, sounds odd indeed. Airport management hopes to release the slots to someone who will operate quieter A320s or 737s — that’s too bad, it’s nice to see the occasional MD over my house (757s would be cool too). I guess they’ll still operate charters to Long Beach.

  2. Don’t you just wish that JetBlue would be allowed to use the E190’s on commuter slots? With the 20+ commuter slots available that could make LGB a real hub (although JetBlue is more O&D focused anyway).

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